Monday September 5th – Sunday, September 11th, Casa Lajolo, Piossasco (TO)


The timeless art residency experience is extended to painters and sculptors in the period betweenSeptember and October 2022 thanks to 12 scholarships provided by Fondazione Brivio Sforza.

The artist Mauro Baio, selected by Galleria Rubin, is hosted for a week at Casa Lajolo to produce sketches inspired by the places, spaces and territories that host him. The works will be completed later in atelier and will be displayed in a group exhibition in Milan in the courtyard of Palazzo Brivio Sforza, newly restored.

At the end of the residency, the artist offers two works, one to the owner as a thank you for their hospitality and the other to be auctioned off to create the scholarship fund for future residencies.

Mauro Baio was born on the 6th of May 1991 in Lecco, a small town located between Milan and the Swiss border, situated between the lake and the mountains and characterized by its beautiful views and unique landscapes. This singular en- vironment leads to a natural infatuation for the dichotomy and the contrast between lights and shadows, which derive from its shape. This is the setting in which the propension for drawing be- came a passion and brought the artist to undertake the artistic career. He has just finished the Visual Arts course, faculty of Painting, at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice, where he was able to increase its research for lights through colors.

Mauro Baio, Lake Side, a project supported by Perini Natali collection. The work is a 14-color woodcut, edition of 50 prints representing the homonymous “Lake Side” canvas from the collection. The printing process was carried out with the printing master of the Venice academy Massimo Spadari.

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