Monday September 12th – Sunday September 18th, Villa Albertini, Gressoney St. Jean (AO)


The timeless art residency experience is extended to painters and sculptors in the period betweenSeptember and October 2022 thanks to 12 scholarships provided by Fondazione Brivio Sforza.

The artists Chiara Dattola e Marta Jorio, selected by Galleria Rubin, are hosted for a week at Villa Albertini to produce sketches inspired by the places, spaces and territories that host them. The works will be completed later in the ateliers and will be displayed in a group exhibition in Milan in the courtyard of Palazzo Brivio Sforza, newly restored.

At the end of the residency, the artists offer two works, one to the owner as a thank you for their hospitality and the other to be auctioned off to create the scholarship fund for future residencies.

Chiara Dattola is a creative nomad, but currently lives in Milan. She has been working in the field of editorial illustration, design and art since 2000. During her creative career, she has won wide international recognition and worked for newspapers, magazines and advertising agencies around the world. She creates original artwork and books for children, both as an author and illustrator, as well as related art and illustration projects for global markets. Her illustrations appear in art and illustration group shows in Italy and abroad.
Among her most important collaborations are those for Le Monde, Internazionale, Corriere della Sera, Bastille magazine, Libération, Causette magazine, Messaggerie Libri, Leo Burnett, The Convent Gardener, La Kasa dei Libri di Milano, Montessori Korea, Yeowon media Korea.
She holds courses and workshops of illustration, illustrative techniques and image history dedicated to children, adults, professionals and others.
In 2021, she took part in the activity of the French collective Contributive, participating as a member as an official illustrator. The project is still ongoing and aims to propose a new economic model focused on contribution and not competition. She is now improving her skills in surface design and brand identity.

Chiara Dattola, The Bear’s Dreams, detail, black Ecoline ink and colored pencils on Saunders Waterford 300gr. paper, 30X40 cm.

She was born in Naples and has been drawing since she was fourteen, for passion, study and work. After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and many non-academic workshops around Italy, Germany, Spain and Mexico, she emigrated to Mexico, to Oaxaca, where she studied and worked practicing lithographic and linocut techniques of printing on paper. Back in Italy, in Palermo at the nonprofit gallery Palab, she created an art education space dedicated to children, devoting herself to illustration. Thanks to the selection at the Bologna Children Book fair and the successful meeting with Topipittori publishers, she gave birth to Cicale, the written and illustrated autobiography of her childhood. She has collaborated with Belgische Stichting Roeping, Museo Mart di Trento e Rovereto, Consejo Nacional de Cultura Y Arte Mexico, Santarcangelo dei teatri, Sezione Didattica Biennale di Venezia, Cinemovel Fundation, Emergency, Goethe Institut, Topipittori editore, Libreria B**K, Edizioni Precarie, Comunicattive, Atelier VM. 
Today Marta Jorio lives in Bologna and works at Officina Margherita; she devotes herself to illustration for editorial projects and room decoration, as well as to her brand Marta Jorio, and signs the design and production of limited edition prints and ceramics.

Marta Jorio, SELVA N°7, tempera gouache on 100% cotton Fabriano paper, 100cmx40 cm

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