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Villa Vitalba Lurani Cernuschi is a large eighteenth-century building always illuminated by the sunlight, which overlooks the garden enriched by ancient trees and a tennis court. On the ground floor, a large veranda welcomes the guests in every season. The billiards room has in it a great library, and the historic frescoed rooms maintain their unchanged charm. The spacious kitchen with its large oval table and cupboards made of walnut wood, allow people to enjoy the warmth and authenticity of a home that is still lived with love and enthusiasm by its owners.The slightly severe aspect of the historic Villa is softened by the warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which makes everyone feel at home. Coming to Almenno San Salvatore for the first time inevitably means falling in love with the town and planning to come back. 

In the same property, it is located the beautiful Convent of San Nicola, which is surrounded by vineyards. It is a sixteenth-century estate composed by the church of San Nicola, the cloister and the Lurani Cernuschi winery, where it is possible to taste and buy the wine made with the local grape.


THE PROPOSAL OF villa vitalba

This private historic house is unique for its beauty. Ideal for families or groups who love spending their holidays immerged in the nature. The house only hosts one group at a time, which will enjoy all the spaces in exclusive. On the ground floor, a big porch hosts the guests in every season. The billiard room with the rich library and the ancient frescoed rooms  keep their unchanged charm.
The big kitchen with its oval table and the walnut cabinets allow to appreciate the warmth and authenticity of a place lived, to this day, with love and enthusiasm by its owners. You will feel at home.

The rooms on the second floor are big and comfortable. There are two apartments available:

The “Cloti” apartment  is cozier, with lower ceilings and exposed beams. It is made of 4 bedrooms (1 master bedroom, one double-room, one triple-room and one room with a single bed for children), a living room, one small kitchen and a bathroom with a bathtub.

The “Central” apartment with rooms with higher frescoed ceilings, made of 4 double-bedrooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms. The apartments may be adjoined.

In case of bigger groups,  are made available two master bedrooms with private bathroom on the “noble floor”. It is possible to also rent the villa for parties, receptions, corporate events and photo shoots at price to be agreed with the owner depending on the type of event.

In the big kitchen of the Villa, the Milan-born Chef and a very dear friend of the family Benedettta Manetti, organizes beautiful DOC Italian cooking classes for groups, up to 12 people. It is an unforgettable experience which transports the participants into an atmosphere of other times.

The classes can be held in Italian or in English and are of two types:

_Preparation of a full menu (3/4 courses to be agreed with the chef) followed by the final dinner in the dining room of the villa, laid for the occasion with the tablecloth and precious table settings of the house, and accompanied by the wines of the Lurani Cernuschi canteen.

-“Monothematic” in-depth lesson of a specific ingredient or of a typical dish to be made in different versions, followed by final tastings set up in the Sala degli Uccelli or in the garden of the villa and accompanied by the wines of the Lurani Cernuschi canteen (es. “Chocolate what a passion”, “Fresh pasta in all sauces”, “Risotto, my love” ecc).

All the ingidients and materials necessary for the classes are provided, together with the apron and chef’s hat.

On request, we organize guided tours of the vineyards, the cellar, the church, with tastings of the 8 wines produced on the farm, accompanied by platters with cold cuts and cheese. The prices for a guided tour are:
– € 15 per person for groups of 2 to 10 people
– € 12 per person for groups of 11 to 15 people
– € 10 per person over 15 people

Valcalepio red DOC Tornago
€30 –  6 bottles box

Red wine, produced with Merlot (50%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (50%) grapes, the so-called “Bordeaux blend”. It spends a few months in oak barrels before bottling, and at least 3 months in the bottle before being sold. It has aromas of wild berries and morello cherries, well supported by spicy and vanilla notes. The flavor is dry, harmonious. It goes well with red meats and game, better if combined with a good Bergamo polenta.

Cabernet Sauvignon Bergamasca IGT Umbriana
€36 – 6 bottles box

Long aging red wine, produced with 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It has a wide range of aromas, dominant are the herbaceous and vanilla notes. The flavor is dry, dry, harmonious and enhances its qualities when served with a decanter. The ideal combinations are important meat dishes, and aged or blue cheeses.

Merlot Bergamasca IGT San Nicola
€24 – 6 bottles box

Red wine, produced with 100% Merlot grapes. It is a wine for the whole meal, fruity, with ample hints of red fruit, dry flavor, to be consumed relatively young, during lunches and dinners with delicate flavors

Valcalepio white DOC Armisa
€30 – 6 bottles box

White wine, produced with Chardonnay (60%) and Pinot Grigio (40%) grapes . Straw yellow in color, with fruity aromas, with a dry flavor. It is recommended with appetizers, first courses with white sauces and fish and shellfish dishes.

Incrossing Manzoni 6.0.13 Bergamasca IGT Opis
€30 – 6 bottles box

Incrossing Manzoni 6.0.13 is the result of the union between Pinot Bianco and Riesling Renano. The result is a dry white wine, delicately aromatic, with a full flavor and good alcohol content. Recommended for dishes such as fish soup, caciucco, spaghetti allo scoglio, or even as an accompaniment to aged cheeses. Perfect to amaze and conquer.

100% Chandonnay Vitalba
€24 – 6 bottles box

White wine, produced with 100% Chardonnay grapes. It is pleasantly aromatic and slightly wavy. Perfect for a bianchino with friends, or even for the whole meal.

Franconia and Pinot Grigio Rose of San Nicola
€24 – 6 bottles box

Rosé wine, produced with Pinot Grigio (80%) and Franconia (20%) grapes. Slightly moved, with a delicate scent, with hints of strawberry and bitter almond. It should be served cold, it is recommended as an aperitif, with pasta with sauce, and as an accompaniment to pizza.

Chardonnay Brut sparkling wine Elle Ci
€36 – 6 bottles box

Dry sparkling wine, produced with 100% Chardonnay grapes. The second fermentation takes place with the long Charmat method (i.e. in an autoclave for a few months). The result is a very pleasant aperitif, dry, fruity, to be served very cold. Also excellent throughout the meal, and as an accompaniment to dessert.

On request they carry out free home deliveries in the provinces of Bergamo, Milan, Lecco, Monza Brianza. For the rest of Italy the cost of shipping will be calculated according to the distance and weight and communicated in advance to the customer.

The wine can be ordered in number of boxes, each box contains 6 bottles

For more informations: www.luranicernuschi.it


Villa Vitalba has always been a “locus amoenus” for who has lived there and for those who found themselves passing by as an occasional visitor. Since the end of the 17th century the nobles Vitalba came from Bergamo to spend their holidays there surrounded by the green and peace of the surroundings wineries. In 1880 Maria Candida Vitalba Barca (nicknamed untie Marietta) bequeathed to her niece Chiara the villa, the Convent of San Nicola and the surrounding possessions. Chiara, wife of Agostino Lurani Cernuschi, continued the tradition and spent many summers in Almenno, together with her ten children, cousins and family friends. The son of Agostino, Emanuele Lurani Cernuschi with his wife Lucia and their six children, also spent their summers there, spending their time taking part in the grape harvest in September, organizing tennis tournament and long walks in the wineries.
Also today, Giovanna Lurani Cernuschi, daughter of Emanuele, loves spending the holidays there with her children and ten grandchildren. Lorenzo, son of Giovanna,  his wife Carola, and their three children along with Noce, their dog, live in the villa for most of the year. They love authentic relationships and an informal atmosphere. And in recent years they open the doors to visitors with different initiatives, with the aim of keeping Villa Vitalba a happy and cozy place for all those who are visiting.

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