Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Located in the center of the renowned “Valle d’Oro” overlooking the Valdichiana, 400 meters above the sea level, just a few kilometers from the town of Cortona, Villa Ugo contains in its simplicity and refinement all the characteristics of the Tuscan architectural culture. Since 1890, the Sabatini family has lived in Villa Ugo, a structure dating back to the 16th century, surrounded by 11 hectares of olive groves, divided into three farms inhabited over the centuries by the sharecroppers who took care of them. The houses, also dated around the 16th century, have been renovated with passion and love by the owner Ugo Sabatini, maintaining both the style and history with modern finishes and comforts of our times.

Villa Ugo is the place where a passion that became reality was born and took shape: the Gin. To get to know the origin of Sabatini Gin in the most authentic way, at Villa Ugo you will have the opportunity to take part in guided tours of the company and tastings to discover where the botanicals, all strictly Tuscan, that characterize Sabatini’s artisanal production are born. A unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the world of Sabatini Gin.


Few people know that the best Juniper, used for the production of many high quality Gins, comes from Tuscany. Here, in Teccognano, in the province of Arezzo, the Sabatini’s, a family very close to this land, have decided to make this bond even closer, to raise, so to speak, the degree of Tuscanity of Gin and create a London Dry Gin of excellence that brings with it the scents and suggestions of the Tuscan hills.

in bottle of 70 cl
Characterized by nine Mediterranean botanicals that grow indigenous in the historic home of the Family in Cortona (AR). The distillation, entrusted to the master distiller Charles Maxwell, takes place following traditional practices, ensuring high quality.

in bottle of 50 cl
Extra virgin olive oil, 100% Tuscan: a real olive juice with a full and powerful taste.

€30 per person
Guided tour of the Sabatini Gin botanical garden
Smooth and blended Sabatini products tasting
Tasting of the aromas and flavors of the Tuscan tradition with the Sabatini extra virgin olive oil
Calendar: “Gin Tour” visits and tastings will resume in March 2021 and will continue until October 2021.
Spoken languages: Italian, English



There are four members of the two branches of the Sabatini family to whom we owe the creation of SABATINI GIN: Filippo, Enrico, Niccolò and the father of the last two, Ugo. They share a passion for the aperitif ritual which in the family dates back to the beginning of the last century. In fact, it all started with Guglielmo Giacosa, Ugo Sabatini’s maternal grandfather. Born at the end of the nineteenth century in Alba, he graduated in oenology and was sent to Bolivia by Cinzano, to manage the local plant and begin the production of the famous Vermouth, whose recipe he was one of the very few custodians. At the end of the war he was hired in Melbourne by one of the most important Australian wineries, Wynns & Co, for which he created a line of Italian products such as vermouth and marsala, named Boronia. This family passion was married with the desire to do something that involved all the members and their land, in particular Cortona and Teccognano, the Tuscan town that gave the company its name. Here are the family homes, acquired by the great-grandparents in the early twentieth century: Villa Sabatini and Villa Ugo, the latter center of flourishing tourist activities.

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