Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Sant’Angelo in Panzo was built around the X century on the ruins of a Roman settlement. Throughout its long existence, it has been a convent, an abandoned hermitage, a patrician residence, a rural house and now a private dwelling. During the centuries it has however maintained its original structure, with its chapel and its water sources that have supplied water to Assisi since the Roman times, throughout underground tunnels carved into the rocks and still visible. Sant’Angelo in Panzo has been the first convent that hosted Saint Clare. According to the legend, she accomplished here the first miracle. At the beginning of the XIII century Sant’Angelo in Panzo was a monastery when, in March 1212, Saint Francis, Friar Filippo and Friar Bernardo, accompanied there Saint Clare who had just fled from home. Saint Clare was then joined by her sister, Saint Agnes, and the family, irritated, sent their uncle Monaldo with others to bring her home, even by force. The legend tells of the first miracle of Saint Clare that the body of Saint Agnes became so heavy that it could not be lifted, while the arm of uncle Monaldo raised to beat her, remained paralyzed.  The current chapel was rebuilt in the garden at the beginning of the XVII century by the owners at that time, the Bonacquisti family, as attested by an inscription inside it. There is evidence of the ancient chapel inside the current residence (font of holy water and apse). The residence is surrounded by olive trees that produce one of the best biological olive oils of Umbria.