Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Villa Elisa is located in the municipality of Busca, halfway between Saluzzo and Cuneo, at the foot of the hills.
The current structure of the house keeps visible traces of its origins. At the end of the fifteenth century it was a convent of Frairs minor with annexed frescoed church. In 1802, during the French occupation, the convent was confiscated and became property of the count Cassotti di Chiusano, podestà of Cuneo, who transformed it into a majestic villa, an area of which was probably used as a Masonic lodge devoted to the cult of Napoleon. The church was destroyed, a part from the right nave which became a stable, and the bell tower was restored and transformed into a gentilitial tower at the beginning of the twentieth century. The house is surrounded by the fifteenth-century wall of the ancient convent, on an area of almost four hectares.
In 1913 the current building, in neoclassical style, became property of Enrico Bafile and his wife Elisa: their descendants are still living there and use part of the house for cultural events.