Le Dimore del Quartetto


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A green monument unique in Europe in which are found echoes and inspiration common to other great gardens such had the Reggia di Caserta’s one or the Wihlelmshohe’s one in Kassel. The Historic Garzoni Garden in a XVII century enchantment that has remained practically untouched untill this day.

The garden is a whole with the villa (in restoration, not visitable) which is next and il part over it. Carlo Lorenzini/Collodi’s mother, Angiolina Orzali, worked in the Villa as a girl and met her future husband, Domenico Lorenzini, here.
The complex of the Villa and Garden Garzoni is recognized as a National Monument and is part of the Via Europa (Europe street) of the Historical Gardens, recognized in October 2020 form the Europe Council. All the Garzoni Historic Garden is populated by symbols and statues that stands out among the green or are hidden in it (try to find the Turk!). A narration, sometimes enigmatic addressed to the vistor.

Let your imagination loose, while appreciating the variety of the cultivations, the delicate water system that is mainly made on the tracks of the 17Th century, thanks to which the water games, waterfalls and fountains are powered, the fresh walkaways will lead you form the Stairs of Water to suggestive corners such as the Maze (recommended to couples as it is said that walking it together assures marriage and a long duration of the love story), the Verzura theatre, the Poor’s Boulevard, flanked by picturesque figures. The Bagnetti Pavillion is unique and special and offers tubs of every shape and form, and each space is thought out to be invisible to the others. Not even the small orchestra that from a small stage delighted ladies and knight while they bathed could see what was happening beneath them: therefore, the guests could enjoy the freshness and the pleasure of the water in complete discretion and dedicate themselves, if so inclined, to more malicious amusements…

The last descendent of the Garzoni’s family sold the property in the second half of the 20s. The complex of the Villa and Garden, which was in bad conditions by the end of the XIX century, has been wisely recovered and entrusted to the Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi, owner of the adjacent Pinocchio’s Monumental Park.
On initiative of the Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi inside the garden was made a “real” House of Butterflies, inhabited by hundreds of butterflies native of the Tropical or Equatorial areas – where the butterflies are bigger and more colorful. They are alive and free to fly in a tropical garden, lushing with plants, flowers and fruit thanks to the perfect recontruction of the original habitat.


Visit the locations of the most famous tale of the world, the village to which the writer and journalist Carlo Lorenzini has tied his childhood memories deciding to sign himself under the pseudonym “Collodi” right from the name of the place where he spent his holidays with his grandparents. A unique tour to walk into the historic garden known by the author of “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, where has recently been installed a Butterflies’ House and the Monumental Park of Pinocchio, a park dedicated to the literary masterpiece of the writer. Park recognized as an asset to be protected from the Superintendence of Fine Arts and where, in addition to the path of art and architecture created by great artists of the twentieth century (Greco, Venturi, Consagra, Porcinai, Zanuso) there are many educational play activities for children: museum of interactive games, antique carousels, creative workshops, puppet shows, two adventure trails for children aged 5 and over.

The experience continues reaching by walk the ancient medieval village of Collodi Castello, Touring Club Orange Flag, you will pass by the world highest Pinocchio’s wood statue and will make a quick stop to Pinocchio’s Oak tree, the monumental tree that inspired the episode of the the hanging of the puppet by the Cat and the Fox (the Assassins).


Live the magic of the Pinocchio’s tale through the fantastic menu and the setting!
In the big and suggestive architecture of Osteria del Gambero Rosso made by Giovanni Michelucci, there is the official restaurant of the Pinocchio’s Park, since 1963. The collaboration with the Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi has renewed the hospitality and the gastronomy of this place. Osteria del Gambero Rosso is a service for the visitors of the Pinocchio’s Park and welcomes, for lunch and dinner, all the other clients as well. There is a wide choice from the à la carte menu, but it is also possible to order touristic or children menus, served at the table by the characters of the Pinocchio’s tale! Osteria del Gambero Rosso, large and spatious, is the ideal location for parties or receptions with numerous people.

Restaurant Pizzeria “Osteria del Gambero Rosso”
Historic Restaurant of the Pinocchio’s Park Parco in Collodi
Via S. Gennaro, 3 – 51014 Collodi – Pescia (PT)
BOOKINGS, INFOS AND HOURS: Tel. +39 3294745890

By the exit of the Garden there are the Villa Garzoni Restaurant and Café, located in the old “Spaccio di Pola”, one of the agricultural buildings which served Villa Garzoni. The restaurant and the bar are both open to external customers, who does not come form the Garzoni Historic Garden. Do not miss the summer evenings with the jazz bar!
In this suggestive environment, the chef Iacopo Vannini offers meat, game and fresh fish dishes that harmoniously combine the flavours of Tuscan tradition with innovative contemporary cuisine. At the coffe bar there is the opportunity to eat fresh and convenient dishes for a simple meal and snacks. The cellar is remarkable: the selected wines can also be purchased as a refined souvenir.

The location reflects the characteristics of the cusine: elegant, curated and relaxing. The restaurant can host up to 80 people in two rooms: a larger one with a typical beamed celing, the other more intimate and reserved: the Saletta Serra, with a beautiful overlooking on the parterre of the Garzoni Garden. The staff of the Villa Garzoni Reastaurant can take care, upon request, of aperitifs, buffets, lunches at the table and catering in general, served in the parterre of the Garzoni Garden.



The Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi is is an Italian non-profit that operates internationally to promote and organize cultural initiatives referred to children and adults, with the aim to with the aim of raising awareness on topical issues through Pinocchio, the literary character protagonist of the most translated Italian novel, written by Carlo Collodi.

Recognized by decree of the President of the Republic n. 1313 of 18 July 1962, the Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi is present in the chart of the cultural institution recognized by the Ministry of Culture (Mibact). Therefore it is part of the small circle of cultural institutions that are called to represent the State trough the organization of exhibitions, events and expositions in Italy and in the world.

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