Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Masterpiece of the Baroque of Pontremoli, Villa “dei Chiosi” was built in the late XVII century by the will of the brothers Carlo and Francesco Dosi, two rich businessmen that found in the Grand-Ducal Potremoli the ideal place where to develop their prosperous trades between the port of Livorno and the Po valley.  The idea and the project of the villa are linked to the person of Carlo Dosi, a man of vast culture, passionate of art, architecture and gardening, who, for the construction of his home, chose among the best artists of his time: the architect and decorator Francesco Natali, and the tuscan painter Alessandro Gherardini. 
Among the eminent people that visited the villa it is worth mentioning the Duke of Parma and Piacenza Francesco Farnese and his wife Dortea Sofia of Neuburg, who stayed in Pontremoli in 1714 while coming back from their daughters’ wedding with Philip V of Spain.
The Villa was totally abandoned during the years of the French revolution and the Napoleonic period, and was progressively recovered starting from the second half of the XIX century.
During World War II the villa was theater of repeated air attacks conducted by the allied forces with the intent of destroying a German comando that was guarding a cannon stationed in the nearby railway tunnel.
In 1988 the Villa was recognized for its “unique historical and artistic interest”.  This has been the starting point for the numerous restoration interventions that begun in the early 1990s and that have today brought the villa back to its extraordinary ancient shine.
Villa Dosi Delfini is open to the public and is possible to visit it all year round.