Le Dimore del Quartetto


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La Celadina, country house, place of art and culture.

Villa dei Tasso is a beautiful sixteenth-century historic country house, the only Tasso’s property entirely open for visits in the Bergamo region. It is a horseshoe-shaped building, with a big inner courtyard overlooked by the Dovecote Tower, the old carriages deposits and an elegant sequences of little stables. Moreover it features a small private oratory, devoted to the Madonna of the Rosary. The rooms inside of the villa, even if they do not contain furniture or art works, are decorated with notable frescoes  representing natural sceneries, and by hermae of illustrious characters of the lineage and bucolic friezes. 
In the past the house hosted esteemed men such as Torquato Tasso, Gian Battista Tiepolo, Francesco Zuccarelli and Bartolomeo Nazari.

The villa hosts the cultural association “Nel nome dei Tasso”, a non-profit institution, funded in 2016 in Bergamo from the desire of the owners of the “Villa dei Tasso – La Celadina” to rediscover and make known the Tasso’s dynasty, a Lombard family forgotten in their homeland but famous and appreciated abroad for having revolutionized the postal system.
The association takes care of the cultural offer of the house, organizing guided tours, lectures, concerts, theater shows, in collaboration with different local institutions.