Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The villa, originally built as the Summer residence for the Counts of Castelbarco Pindemonte Rezzonico, dates back to the late seventeenth century (ca 1690).

During the course of the centuries the villa has experienced a number of changes to the original plan; the last one took place at the end of the nineteenth century and gave it its current appearance, including the distinctive staircase on the main façade and a turret at the back.

The building measures 4,400 square meters. While all sections of the building used to be interconnected, it now boasts distinct areas. The park, a natural oasis favoured especially by birds, covers about 12 hectares of beautiful hilly landscape. The park was originally devoted to growing wheat, maize, rye; it also had a vineyard and several mulberry trees, which were used to feed the silk worms needed by the silk mill in the village. It also had stables and lawns, an orchard, and an orangerie. The park was later enhanced by the planting of valuable local tree species and hardwoods, and, towards the end of the nineteenth century, fenced in and landscaped in the English style by Ercolina Erba Castelbarco, who also contributed with additional architectural and structural embellishments to the villa’s residential areas.