Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Federica Franchi, violin
Luca Dondi, cello
Matteo Forlani, piano

Trio Febo was founded in September 2021. The trio’s name encompasses two meanings: first, it is a tribute to the musicians’ hometowns (Bologna and Ferrara); second, the epithet “Febo” leads back to Apollo, one of the Olympian gods and God of Music. 
The members of the trio are driven by their love for chamber music, intrigued by its wonderful repertoire. The group is preciously supervised by Maestros M° Davide Dondi and M° Simone Gramaglia.
In June 2022 and March 2023, the Febo Trio takes part in the masterclass of the Maisky Trio (composed of Sascha Maisky, Lily Maisky and Mischa Maisky),organized by the Stauffer Center for Strings.
In August of the same year, they also participate in the masterclass held by Maestros M° Kyril Zlotnikov (Jerusalem Quartet) and M° Simone Gramaglia, included as part of the Filippo Nicosia Chamber Music Award 2022 in Faenza; in this context, they are awarded the Ricordi/UMPC Award.
In September 2022, they are included in the Dimore del Quartetto network.
In October 2022, the group joined the Stauffer Academy, in which they attend the Artist Diploma course under the guidance of the Cremona Quartet. They participate in internal Masterclasses at the Stauffer Academy given by Maestros Eckart Runge (Artemis Quartet), Mark Messenger (Royal College of Music London), Michele Campanella, Ettore Causa (Yale School of Music), Miguel da Silva, Alexander Pavlovsky (Jerusalem Quartet), Basil Vendryes and Antonio Valentino (Debussy Trio).
In the summer of 2023, thanks to a collaboration with the Quartet Residences, he toured several cities in Piedmont.