Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The Music Academy Schloss Weikersheim is one of Germany’s largest Music Academies. It is managed by Jeunesses Musicales Germany.
The Castle building, the magnificent Castle gardens, and the Music Academy offer a magical place for music, for inspired rehearsals and encounters with one another. Anyone who has been here once, who has slept in the Logierhaus (JM Germany’s guest house), and who has taken a morning walk across the Market Square and through the Castle Gardens with an instrument case in his or her hand, knows it: the “Weikersheim effect”.
Entitled “JM World Meeting Center” Weikersheim is a meeting point for young musicians from all over the world.
Jeunesses Musicales Germany regards itself as a community for dedicated young musicians. JM Germany organises courses and exemplary projects, competitions and awards, concerts and events. Being a section of Jeunesses Musicales International it strives to cultivate a cosmopolitan attitude. It sees the human being as the focus and source of all music and heeds a concept of quality, defined by authentically encountering music and experiencing its uniting powers. JM Germany focuses on making music together and jointly experiencing music. On this fundament is also based its care for international exchange and intercultural understanding amongst young people.