Le Dimore del Quartetto



Charlotte Saluste-Bridoux, violin
Lorraine Campet, violin
Pierre-Antoine Codron, viola
Tom Almerge-Zerillo, cello

Founded in 2015, Quatuor Confluence was unanimously awarded first prize in 2016 at the International «Tremplin pour Jeunes Quatuors» in Paris, recipients of the Fnapec bursary award as well as Special Prize ProQuartet-CEMC at the Fnapec European Competition of Chamber Music. In 2018, they were also first prize in the Chamber music edition of the Leopold Bellan International Competition. 

The Confluence Quartet is mentored by Mathieu Herzog (founding member of Quatuor Ebène). It also receives guidance from Agnès Sulem (Quatuor Rosamonde) and Yovan Markovitch (Quatuor Danel) at the Lyon Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse. 

On many occasions, Quatuor Confluence “were taught by” Gabriel Le Magadure, Raphaël Merlin, Adrien Boisseau (Quatuor Ébène), Marc Danel (Quatuor Danel) Jean Sulem (Quatuor Rosamonde), Leslie Boulin-Raulet and Sarah Chenaf (Quatuor Zaïde). 

The ensemble took part in ProQuartet-CEMC masterclasses with Günter Pichler (Alban Berg Quartett), Quatuor Parisii and the London Haydn Quartet and in 2018 at the ‘Atelier de Quatuor’ in Bordeaux (2018) with Luc-Marie Aguera (Quatuor Ysaÿe), as well as at the ‘Académie Internationale de Musique de Flaine’ with Yovan Markovitch. 

Quatuor Confluence was invited to perform in numerous venues including the «Jeunes Talents» concert series at the Soubises private hotel in Paris, at the 19th Rencontres Musicales of ProQuartet-CEMC, at the Lyon Opera as well as the Molière room, at the Villefavard Farm in Limousin, at the Evian Rencontres Musicales and various festivals in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Nice and in Spain in their tour of Galicia. 

The quartet is in residence at the Singer-Polignac Foundation in Paris since 2018 and kindly supported by the Boubo Foundation with fine old italian instruments.

In 2021, the quartet has been selected to take part in Le Dimore del Quartetto.
In September 2021, the quartet participated in the  Trondheim International String Quartet Competition, where they won the 1st prize, the Audience Prize, the Prize of the best interpretation of the commissioned piece and the Internet vote.

Ph. Astrid di Crollalanza