Le Dimore del Quartetto



Mathilde Klein, violin
Sakkan Sarasap, violin
Mirabelle Le Thomas,  viola
Magdalena Probe, cello

The Bergen String Quartet began their musical journey in 2015 in Conservatory of Paris (CNSMDP). Captivated by the seemingly limitless possibilities of string quartet, its exceptional timbre and its vast varying repertoire, they decided to start an intense and fascinating collaboration.
Aside from the conventional practice of classical music, the Bergen Quartet has also the desire to widen their musical approach, to incorporate other art forms into their performance and to experiment with new ways of passing on their music. In 2018, the quartet took part in a show “Boxe Boxe” created by Mourad Merzouki in collaboration with 80 student dancers of MPAA Paris. The quartet is currently working with a primary school in Lyon on the opera project for children “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Haydn”.
Over the years, the Bergen Quartet took part in many masterclasses with well known professors notably with Luc-Marie Aguera, Yovan Markovitch, Quatuor Modigliani, Alfred Brendel, Roland Pidoux, etc. They participated multiple times in European Chamber Music Academy where they studied under the guidance of Johannes Meissl and Hatto Beyerle. They obtained Bachelor Diploma of chamber music in the class of Emmanuelle Bertrand at Conservatory of Paris (CNSMDP) with the highest distinction. The Bergen Quartet is also laureate of “Tremplin Jeunes Quatuors” competition organised by the Philharmonie de Paris.
At present, the Bergen Quartet is studying in the CRR of Paris in class of Luc-Marie Aguera and in Conservatory of Lyon in the class of Quatuor Debussy.