Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Place des Vosges, located in the Marais neighborhood, is the oldest square in Paris.
Caterina de’ Medici in 1563, after the death of her husband Henry II, had the Hôtel des Tournelles demolished, which since 1388 had been the royal palace. She initiated the construction of the Tuileries palace abandoning the area where the  Hôtel des Tournelles used to stand. From 1604 a textiles plant and houses for the workers were here installed but only a few years later, Henry IV decided for the construction of the current square, the first royal square of Paris with identical buildings on the four sides. On each side, which is 140 meters long, nine blocks form a continuous wall.
The square became one of the privileged areas of the french aristocracy and maintained its name of Place Royal until the French revolution. It was renamed in 1799 when the département of the Vosges became the first to pay taxes supporting a campaign of the Revolutionary army.
The Residence Place des Vosges is used to host musicians and makes a grand piano available for them in the hall.