Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Palazzo Pesce, is an historic house dating back to the end of the 18th century, born in the heart of Mola di Bari, an ancient town in Apulia overlooking the sea.
The first owner was the noble Roberti family, who sold the house to the Martinelli’s in 1777, to move to the famous “Palazzo delle cento camere” in the adjacent Piazza XX Settembre. In 1810 the Palace was already owned by the noble Pesce family. The latter are due to the elegance of the rooms and the elitist taste for the frescoes in the rooms, as well as the exercise of art in the gardens, a fresh oasis framed by the white of the tuff and limestone ashlars. The nineteenth-century mirrors and decorations of the interior spaces of the house are illuminated by the overlooking the large internal garden where exotic plants, flowers and trees meet the medlar and citrus fruits. A villa where the sober refinement of the cultivated nobility and the love for the land and nature make urban rusticity and tranquility meet.
Thanks to its unique spaces such as the frescoed living room with a baby grand piano, the stone courtyard and the large garden, it is the ideal location for organizing events such as exhibitions, concerts, book presentations, meetings, congresses, sets photographic and small receptions.
Just 30 km from Bari airport and 100 km from the Salento airport, the hotel has a main room with 85 seats, an audio-video system and wifi. The stone court has a capacity of 90 seats and is equipped with wooden stands for exhibitions.