Le Dimore del Quartetto


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La Meijon du Mont Blanc is located in Dolonne, a quaint Val d’Aosta village of medieval origin, just a stone’s throw from Courmayeur. The valley is an enchanted place, encompassing two valleys at the foot of the majestic Mont Blanc Massif, all of which becomes a striking natural setting onto which the view of the house also opens.
The structure, as is often the case in older mountain hamlets, originates from a stone structure anchored to the rock that over the decades has been enlarged and developed outward, giving it today a contemporary look that only reveals its history inside. The interior of the house is the result of a conservative renovation between the stone walls and reclaimed wood furnishings by artist Katrin Arens.
From the garden there is a wonderful view of the Giant’s Tooth.
Its location is strategic as it is easily accessible from Milan, Turin and Geneva.


The Associazione Amici delle Guide Alpine di Courmayeur was founded in July 2009, linked in “cordate” with the Courmayeur Mountain Guides with the aim of preserving, enhancing, and developing the mountaineering, human, environmental, and cultural traditions related to Mont Blanc, the Courmayeur Mountain Guides and the enhancement of their profession, and the development of the Museo Alpino “Duca degli Abruzzi”.

In recent years, the Amici helped complete the Interreg project to renovate the Museo Duca degli Abruzzi, sponsored the exhibition “Vestivano alla montanara,” replaced the lightning-damaged Madonnina del Dente del Gigante with a new bronze statue cast by the Verres Foundries, carried to the summit on the shoulders of the Guides, and supported the project to digitize the historic “professional booklets” that certified the profession of Alpine Guide from the second half of the 1800s.

The Association also contributed to the edition of Guide Luciano Maregliati’s book “Le Guide di Courmayeur (e i loro clienti…) sulle vie del Monte Bianco” and Guide Giuseppe Petigax’s book “Racconti in quota con Giuseppe Petigax – Quattro generazioni di Guide Alpine.”

In summer 2016 the Amici sponsored the renovation of the Society-owned Ecless Bivouac, while in spring-summer 2017 they upgraded the “Palestra delle Guide al Mont Chetif” site, expanding it with new anchors and several rock climbing and approach-mountain routes.
2017 also saw the birth of the “Corso Arrigo,” dedicated to the late President Arrigo Gallizio, a project aimed at Courmayeur youngsters who have taken the eighth grade exam, which consists of 3 days of approach to the mountains with an overnight stay at the Bertone Refuge hosted by Mountain Guide Renzino Cosson. This is followed in 2019 by the Arrigo 2 project aimed at high school students with more days dedicated to different mountaineering and ski mountaineering disciplines.

Since 2020, the Association of Friends has been supporting and collaborating on the project “ALLA RISCOPERTA DELLA MONTAGNA CON LE GUIDE ALPINE DI COURMAYEUR”, with promotional training days open to all those who wish to get closer to the mountains and mountaineering and to deepen some technical and practical aspects of their mountaineering background, which continued in the fall.

In 2021, the Association sponsored two OUTDOOR OPEN DAYS promoted by the Society of Guides, dedicated to avalanche safety and rescue and to ski mountaineering, freeride and snowshoeing activities, and began an important collaborative project with the Courmayeur High School – International Section, which consists of several days in the classroom and activities in the area.

In 2022, the Association participates in the sponsorship for the expedition of Alpine Guide Pietro Picco and the literary trekking project of Alpine Guide Anna Torretta, the sponsorship of Ada Brunazzi’s book “Cosimo Zappelli, una montagna di emozioni”.
Finally, a book dedicated to children on the profession of mountain guide will be presented in summer 2023.

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