Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Mira Marton, violin
Clara Mezzanatto, violin
Joanna Patrick, viola
Ada Guarneri, cello

Based in London, the Medea String Quartet consists of acclaimed players Mira Marton, Clara Mezzanatto, Joanna Patrick and Ada Guarneri.

In 2022 the quartet was selected for the “MERITA” Platform (where they will be collaborating with String Quartet Biennale, Amsterdam), Le Dimore del Quartetto network and Chamber Studio, London. They were also awarded the Fondazione Olly scholarship at Accademia Perosi.

Drawn together from a young age by a love for string quartet playing, Clara Mezzanatto and Ada Guarneri performed for many years in the same string quartet in their native Italy having met at the Xenia Chamber Music Course. Now based in London, they formed the Medea String Quartet in 2020 with English violist Joanna Patrick and violinist Mira Marton under the aegis of Simon Rowland-Jones. The quartet has received coaching from members of the Chilingirian, Endellion, Kuss and Castalian String Quartet. They gave the world premiere of ‘Bakekujira’ by Italian composer Laura Marconi and have already given numerous recitals in the United Kingdom and Europe at venues and festivals including Wigmore Hall and International Musical Artistry Goslar.

Upcoming performances in 2023 include West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge for the Hans Keller Forum and Wells Maltings as part of the North Norfolk Winter Music Festival.

The Medea String Quartet is grateful for the private loan of violins by J.Contreras and A.Mezzadri and to The String Circle for the loan of a cello by L. Baratto.

Mira Marton plays a violin José Contreras of Madrid, 1765, loaned by a private sponsor
Clara Mezzanatto plays a violin Alessandro Mezzadri of Ferrara, 1723, loaned by a private sponsor
Joanna Patrick plays a viola J. Dilworth 2011
Ada Guarneri  plays a Luca Baratto cello on loan within The String Circle project.



“Two Italians and a Brit run into a Pole”—not the start of an old joke, but the beginnings of the Medea String Quartet! Warsaw-born first violinist Mira Marton was the final piece of the Medea puzzle, her offbeat spirit a perfect fit for the pulsating rhythm of the group. In tempo to her left sits Clara Mezzanatto, a cat-loving second violinist and Italy’s answer to Hermione Granger. She even managed to magic up a Guarneri: Ada, the group’s cellist and force for calm. Don’t let her serene exterior fool you though; beneath that unbreakable bass line and innocent smile her Sicilian genes do daily battle with the UK’s cuisine and climate. But finally, the group’s true prima donna. The Italians? The first violinist? Nope, it’s the violist Joanna Patrick, a boisterous baroque-er with a penchant for clay modelling and curious love of sheep. And there you have it: an eclectic quartet of young women who, as their name might suggest, are more powerful when all together—on stage and off!