Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Maison de l’Italie is a university house, hosting professors, researchers and students from all over the world. Funds for the construction of Maison de l’Italie were raised in large part by the Italian senator Enrico Falck, president of the Committee for the Italian Students House in Paris.  The house was designed by Piero Portaluppi, dean of the school of architecture in Milan, and its construction began in 1954. Financing came from the Italian government as well as from public and private foundations such as the Rotary Clubs of Italy. After the delay in the construction due to the delicate political situation between the First and Second World Wars, Maison de l’Italie officially opened its doors in 1958 with a ceremony attended by French President René Coty and the head of the Italian senate, Cesare Merzagora.  

The house brings to mind the architecture of a bygone era in Italy’s history thanks to a 15th century entryway coming from a house in Milan which was destroyed during the II World War, a loggia surrounded by arcades, twin windows from the 14th century and a 17th century baroque mantel from Mantua.