Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Robert Traksmann, violin
Katariina Maria Kits, violin
Mart Kuusma, viola
Siluan Hirvoja, cello

M4GNET Quartet is a promising and forward-looking Estonian string quartet, praised for its spirited performances and passionate interplay. The ensemble consists of violinists Robert Traksmann and Katariina Maria Kits, violist Mart Kuusma and cellist Siluan Hirvoja. These four dedicated players form an impeccable unity to deliver vibrant performances, being highly motivated and already well established in their field. M4GNET Quartet seeks to perform venerable classical repertoire in tandem with forgotten works from the diverse string quartet heritage.

In 2021 the quartet was awarded the prestigious chamber ensemble residency scholarship by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia. In 2022 the ensemble was selected to join Le Dimore del Quartetto international network.

The musicians of M4GNET have played together in various formations (duo, trio, and quartet settings) for over ten years. The decisive impulse to form a stable string quartet came from the new residency programme initiative of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia. The objective of the residency programme is to expand opportunities for chamber ensembles by supporting the establishment of new ensembles, offering opportunities to collaborate with an artist manager, and broaden the ensemble’s repertoire with newly commissioned compositions.

Robert Traksmann and Katariina-Maria Kits play on rare violins kindly provided by The Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments. In June 2021 the quartet was awarded 1st prize at the International Chamber Music Competition KraCamera in Kraków, Poland.

Robert Traksmann plays a 1780 Joseph Gagliano violin
Katariina Maria Kits plays a 1670 Enrico Catenar violin
Mart Kuusma plays a 2020 Leho Ugandi viola
Siluan Hirvoja plays a 2020 Matthias Tödtmann cello

Ph. Kaupo Kikka