Le Dimore del Quartetto


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La Catena is located in Perugia and it is characterised by evident medieval traces, such as the walled arc and the defensive wall, that remind of a past in which it was a fortified building.
The first documents are traced back to the cadastre map of 1728 and to the “Memoirs of Perugia’s territory”, written by Annibale Mariotti in the XVIII century, in which it is also mentioned the villa’s oratory, dedicated to Saint Joseph.
The oratory was described as a “well-adorned church under the responsibility of the noble Baglioni family”. In 1783, the oratory was again mentioned in the pastoral visit of the bishop Odoardi and only in 1821, when the owner became the Monaldi family, the oratory was dedicated to S. Peter of Alcantara.

During the first half of the 20th century, the house changed property from the Monaldi to the Degli Oddi family, up to the 50s when the current owners renovated the house following the project of the architect Pietro Porcinai.