Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The castle in the village of Grand Bigard (Groot-Bijgaarden), 7 km from Brussels, is surrounded by a large moat, its deep waters reflect the centuries-old beech trees. A five-arch bridge, headed by two heraldic lions from 17th century, leads the visitor to the drawbridge that gives access to the fortified entrance from the 15th century.
The castle itself was built in the 17th century, a vast edifice and a wonderful example of the Flemish Renaissance style. It consists of a long main building in red bricks, contrasting with the white stone windows and the blue slate roof. The chapel, in the right wing, has remained unchanged for the last three centuries. The left wing of the castle is surmounted by a bulb-shaped roof.
The first lord of Grand Bigard, Almaric de Bigard, lived here around 1110. Since then, there have been 40 different owners, including several well-known names in Belgian history.