Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Marta Peño Arcenillas, violin
Luis Agustín Rodríguez Lisbona, violin
Aurora Rus Tomé, viola 
Arnold Rodríguez Zurrón, cello

Cuarteto Iberia was founded in Madrid in 2018. Since its inception, the quartet has upheld the string quartet tradition, with its storied history, while also bringing a fresh perspective to the genre’s masterpieces. From a young age, every member has been gripped by the desire to engage with the full breadth of the string quartet repertoire, which led them to form the Cuarteto Iberia. This ensemble serves as their highest level of artistic expression and is a space where they are able to concoct their unique sound. 

In June 2021, they began their studies for the Master String Quartet at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg with Prof. Cibrán Sierra (Cuarteto Quiroga).

They have also attended masterclasses with Valentin Erben and Isabel Charisius (Alban Berg Quartett), Heime Müller (Artemis Quartett), Lukas Hagen, Rainer Schmidt and Veronika Hagen (Hagen Quartett), Paul Watkins (Emerson String Quartet). Further masterclasses have given them the opportunity to receive coaching from the four members of the Kuss Quartett, Frank Reinecke and Stefan Fehlandt (Vogler Quartett), Simone Gramaglia (Quartetto di Cremona), Helena Poggio (Cuarteto Quiroga), Jonathan Brown and Abel Tomás (Cuarteto Casals), Carole Petitdemange (Quatuor Ardeo), Leonhard Roczek (Minetti Quartett), Alasdair Tait (Belcea Quartet) and André J. Roy. They have also participated in international music festivals in cities such as Salzburg, Würzburg, Weikersheim, Paris, Montréal, Venice, Milan and Lucca. In a national scale, they have played in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Burgos, León and Santander.

Cuarteto Iberia is also a member of several European quartet institutions such as ECMA, Le Dimore del Quartetto and ProQuartet. They are one of the 38 string quartets chosen to participate in the european project MERITA. At the same time they are also developing themselves as chamber music educators by giving classes and teaching courses for young musicians and ensembles.

Cuarteto Iberia has been awarded first prize at the XI “Antón García Abril” International Chamber Music Competition in Granada, (Spain), first prize at the 26th Josep Mirabent i Magrans Chamber Music Competition in Cataluña, as well as second prize at the XIX Arnuero International Chamber Music Competition in Cantabria, second prize at the I “Ciutat d’Altea” Chamber Music Competition in Valencia and an Honorable Mention at the Zukunftsklang Award 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Since the beginning of February 2022, Cuarteto Iberia has been the quartet-in-residence at Museo Lázaro Galdiano in Madrid and members of the Real Sociedad Menéndez Pelayo, founded in 1918. They are grateful to play on modern instruments from Cremona luthiers Pascal Hornung, Diego Taje and Martin Gabbani and a violin from an unknown maker from the 18th century in Mittenwald, Germany.

One of the most notable qualities of the quartet is its versatility and flexibility, embracing music from diverse composers and creating research-driven projects from different periods and styles.