Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The Galli estate of La Loggia is immersed in a 3-hectare park, silent and rich in fauna, characterized by a frame of over 200 tall old trees. The rural houses are distributed along the walls that surround the estate, while the castle is located in the center of the park. In 1179 the fiefdom of La Loggia belonged to the Provana of Carignano who in 1360 were condemned by Giacomo di Savoia Prince of Acaja for submitting to Amedeo VI Count of Savoy. In 1396, Ugonetto Provana sold the castle of La Loggia to Giacomo Darmelli who rebuilt the damaged parts of the castle and settled there. In 1415 Bertolino, Martino, Matteo, Michele Darmelli, sons of Giacomo, received the investiture of Lords of La Loggia. Between 1500 and 1600 the castle became a fortress surrounded by walls and moat with a drawbridge, resistant to a “hand battle”. In the second half of the 18th century the fiefdom of La Loggia was assigned to the Galli family following the marriage between Pietro Gaetano Galli and Felicita Darmelli, the last descendant of Darmelli. In 1810 Pietro Gaetano Galli, former president of the Senate of Piedmont, Minister of State and regent of the Magistrate of the Chamber of the Counts under the Savoy, became a member of the provisional government, Napoleon’s State Councilor and Count of the Empire. In 1978 the daughter of the last Count Galli died and the Galli family from La Loggia came together with her. The estate passed to Baron Carlo d’Auvare, who in 2010 donated it to his daughter Nicoletta and her husband Christos Theodorou.