Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The Castello di San Fabiano is situated in the evocative region of Crete Senesi, just 12 kilometers south of Siena. It takes the form of a small village, comprised of a 12th-century tower, aristocratic villa, agricultural structures and a church built in 867 AD dedicated to St. Fabian, the pope and martyrs.
The tower at San Fabiano was once part of a system of watchtowers that extended along the Francigena road; the small and enchanting church, with an apse from the 9th century and a façade completed in the 18th, was a place of physical and spiritual rest and recuperation for religious pilgrims. At the end of the 15th century the grounds became a farmstead, developed by the noble Forteguerri family who owned the property until 1916. It then passed from hand to hand for a period of 30 years, eventually becoming largely dismantled. In 1950 the estate was bought by the noble Fiorentini family, business entrepreneurs from Rome, who spent more than a decade restoring and rebuilding the property and expanding the agricultural estate by more than 750 hectares, eventually utilizing the property as a summer home and hunting reserve.
Today the grounds of the San Fabiano estate are a wildlife refuge. The current owners, architect Fiorentino Fiorentini and his wife Beatrice, have decided to live there year-round with their three children to transform it into an elegant home, simple but charming, to welcome guests from all over the world.