Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The Castello di Pralormo has medieval origins but, over the centuries, it has been transformed into a nobiliar residency which has always been inhabited by the Beraudo di Pralormo family since 1680. The castle is located at around 30 km from Turin, close to the historic region of Langhe and Roero.

What has preserved the beauty of this site is the constant commitment of the current owners, Consolata and Filippo Beraudo di Pralormo, in safeguarding, restoring and enhancing the historic property. In fact, every year from April to November they allow the opening to the public of the family house, promoting the discovery of what the everyday life in a Piedmontese Castle looks like.

The park of the castle, which was designed around the mid-nineteenth century, has an English style with a deep romantic soul. It is opened to visitors every year in April, with the amazing blooming of 90,000 tulips. Furthermore, the park is characterised by centenary trees, such as the cedars, oaks, lindens and many others, that contrast the stateliness of the castle and which offers unique views in every season of the year. This is part of the “delightful journey” which aims at astonishing the visitor with natural colours, sounds, views and historic romantic situations. In particular, the most striking part of the park is the Theatre of Verzura which used to host concerts, ballets and theatrical performances within the statues of the “Quattro Stagioni”. The owners’ intention is that of proposing again traditional shows and concerts in such a picturesque scenario.