Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Built on medieval foundations, in the XIV century the castle of Piovera was made by the Visconti of Milan as a mighty fortress. The castle was passed on to the Spanish, the French, from the Savoy to the Balbi; then it was finally purchased by count Niccolò Calvi di Bergolo, the current owner. Nowadays it is articulated and suggestive, surrounded by a moat and an enormous park. In the ancient barns the visitors can see a lot of collections: carts, roots, old tools of artisans and farmers. In the medieval stable, actually his laboratory, Niccolò Calvi gives lectures of creative art. The cellars of the castle are perfect for wine tasting events and for any kind of art show. The old English Garden gives different locations for events, weddings, firm conventions;
moreover on board of special old cars and of an original Red Bus, the visitors can explore it going for a pleasant drive.