Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The Castle of Magrano was built on a promontory surrounded by the Chiascio river, in the region of Gubbio, Umbria.
Immersed in an uncontaminated landscape, bordered by woods, grasslands and waters, the history of Magrano dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was at the heart of the defense of the city-state of Gubbio against Perugia.
In 1431 Magrano came under the jurisdiction of the Dukes of Montefeltro and Federico da Montefeltro (1422-1482) turned it into his favorite hunting residence.
In 1600 the ownership of the Castle passed to the noble Carpegna family, whose bloodline included bishops and cardinals of many cities in Umbria and Lazio. In 1830 Magrano became property of the family that still owns it today: more specifically the Princess Giulia Bonaparte, niece of Napoleon.