Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The Castellare di Sarri is a tiny medieval town owned by the Fatini del Grande family and composed of the House Tower, an independent farmhouse, a third building and in the middle a 11th-century church. With big interior spaces, a garden and a park, entirely surrounded by massive walls, it is situated on top of a hill and encircled by a 40 hectares olives wood and crops, which are part of the property. Next to the houses, behind the romanic church apse, where the sun warms it up from sunrise to dawn, a big swimming pool has been built, together with a sunbathing area.

The Castellare di Sarri was at the beginning a Longobard military building utilized for sighting and defense, and remained so up until the beginning of the 300s under the Cacciaconti, first local feudal lords. Afterwards, it became a rural building, eventhough the tower has been used by the Administrators of the Spedale di S. Maria della Scala as a residence. The Church, which was supervised by one of the Romitos, contains notable frescoes traced back to the 14th century and a 16th-century altarpiece showing Mary with the Baby, Saints and Angels attributed to the painter Saverio Billò, famous artist into the circle of Beccafumi.

The Castellare returned to be a private house from the second half of the 1700s and the House Tower became main house again from the second half of the last century. It has been entirely renovated during the last years by the owners.