Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The building, known today as Casa Lajolo, together with the real estate and the adjacent land, constitutes an intact and well preserved example of a Piedmontese Gentlemen’s country residence.
The current architectural layout of the villa dates back to the middle of the 18th century, and was probably the work of the Count of Aleramo Chialamberto. The facade and the decorated ceilings support this date. At the death of Chialamberto, around 1850, his cousins, the Counts of Cossano Lajolo, an ancient family from Asti, inherited the property and still own it today.
Particularly noteworthy is the Italian-style garden, recently listed by FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) as among the historical treasures of Piedmont.



Casa Lajolo organizes numerous activities, guided visits, events, tastings, dinners. The activities and events organized in Casa LAjolo, do not only have the aim to bring the public to visit the house and its garden. They are occasions to spread culture, in the broader sense of the word, conveyed trough different modalities of involvement, considering the historic, botanical and landscape peculiarities and characteristics of the site.

The past which permeates each brick of the house and each element of the garden, it is the cultural root on which is grafted a contemporaneity which from that past can only benefit to best express itself.
Therefore, concerts of contemporary music, art expositions, laboratories for children or photographic competitions are welcome.

Discover here the programme of the events:

In homage to the vegetable garden and its agricultural vocation, since 2017 every year Casa Lajolo has been organizing the Festa degli Orti (the Gardens’ Festival), an event that aims to raise awareness on issues connected to the land and its production with particular attention to sustainability and the environment.

For information info@casalajolo.it or www.casalajolo.it

The collaboration with the Parco del Nobile Association in Turin has resulted in the Casa Lajolo honey. The beekeepers take care of the hives in the garden of Casa Lajolo, produce good, sustainable honey and contribute to educational activities with local schools. By buying it, you support the cultural and educational activities of the Casa Lajolo Foundation.

Per informazioni info@casalajolo.it o www.casalajolo.it

For informations info@casalajolo.it or www.casalajolo.it


Casa Lajolo’s garden is a composite space, made of areas with very different structural and botanical characteristics. It consists of multiple levels connected by gardens of stone:


Casa Lajolo II by Mauro Baio becomes the cover of the number of June and July 2023 by Pambianco Magazine Hotellerie.
The work realized for the project Residenza d’Artista represents the main facade at Casa Lajolo in Piossasco (TO).



The Casa Lajolo Foundation was established in August 2016. Its primary purpose is to protect, conserve, and enhance the heritage of artistic, historical, and cultural interest of the house. It was formed by the complex of land and buildings  of Casa Lajolo.  From these objectives comes the need to open the home and its garden to the public. This allows guests to get to know and appreciate the history of the local area.
The Foundation also implements projects and initiatives aimed at promoting studies and historical and artistic research as part of the country’s more general heritage. It fosters the cultural and educational initiatives of young people by granting scholarships to those who engage in a range of artistic expressions. Casa Lajolo wants to be a place where you can express your talents and network with others who share the same love of this culture.

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