The installation of the first statue dedicated to a female historical figure in Milan, and in particular to the life of Cristina Trivulzio of Belgiojoso, inspired our work in a more conscious direction. So I found myself making a balance within the balance sheet. We have always promoted the string quartet as a privileged place of profound experience, where one can be unique and sometimes multiple, where fusion and personalisation are sought. A place of exchange with endless possibilities that continuously stimulates the group to raise the bar. Le Dimore del Quartetto, in addition to supporting this unique musical form, is committed to promoting the same democratic spirit that drives this working group. It is the most egalitarian musical form ever imaginable: men and women of all nationalities constantly dialogue and confront each other over a common goal of work and passion, until they become a single 16-stringed instrument. Our planning is dynamic, the result of that listening which allows ideas to circulate. We believe in the urgency of promoting female talent, and in gender and opportunity equality as an indispensable balancing point. Our team is made up of 82% young women, and like a string quartet , the collective intelligence is nurtured by the differences between the group members who through exchange develop a deeper and broader vision of possibilities. Each has a unique voice that is indispensable to the success of the whole. Out of 90 ensembles in the network, we can count 198 female musicians and 143 male musicians. The ensembles are composed in no particular order; no particular instrument is considered more masculine or feminine than another one, there are only more or less talented and committed musicians. The musicians choose each other, music is the meeting point, their universal language. We are particularly happy to be able to count 40 different nationalities among our artists and to have reached 104 venues with our music this year alone in 9 European countries and in 13 regions, 38 provinces and 69 Italian municipalities. We have engaged with 51 villas, mansions, castles, palaces, piers, towers, 22 courtyards, cloisters, parks and gardens, 14 churches, charterhouses and abbeys, 5 museums, 4 schools, conservatoires and universities, 2 theatres, 2 city squares, 2 foundations, 1 hotel and 1 office. Because we believe that Beauty is a commodity and not a privilege, beauty that transforms lives and makes human beings better.

– Francesca Moncada, President and Sole Administrator of  Le Dimore del Quartetto