Our Social Report 2023 will soon be available in English too


Live music, is an art that we can listen to today just as it could have been performed hundreds of years ago. A privilege that is perpetuated thanks to the passion of musicians who dedicate their lives to allowing us to hear Mozart and Beethoven as their contemporaries might have heard them.

An invisible but powerful chain that connects humanity through time. Live music needs people now more than ever for the magic to be repeated infinitely: the artists, composers, and musicians who study and take up the baton from the greatest Masters; the audience who dedicates time to listening and captures the ever-renewed message. A miracle that cannot be replicated without the human factor; no high fidelity or artificial intelligence can create and transmit the imperfect emotion of a live concert, where artists lay themselves bare to the audience.

For this reason, with conviction, Le Dimore del Quartetto continues an expansion that encounters no obstacles but new prairies to explore with new partners who share the same vision.

Never before have the String Quartet and chamber music encountered such opportunities to affirm the primary role of this extraordinary formation, which is both highly esteemed and simultaneously agile and contemporary.

I thank the entire team for these wonderful results, with whom we have sought transformative and effective answers for this sector that is still too impermeable to innovation. Thanks to our donors, who this year have been able to take advantage of the Art Bonus to support our most original projects and our social mission.

Thanks to our ever denser and more participatory community, thanks to all the project partners who have shared our adventures, and naturally, thanks to the musicians and owners of the Dimore, without whom this revolution would not have been possible.

Francesca Moncada
President and Sole Administrator
Le Dimore del Quartetto