The project linked to the analysis of needs and to the search for original and effective solutions represents the heart of our activities. 2020, with the complications that the health situation has brought with it, has been a new ground on which to design new scenarios. Quartets, residences, the public, but also concert institutions, museums, foundations and schools have been at the center of our study to find innovative strategies that could respond to new needs.

The creative cultural enterprise of Le Dimore del Quartetto does not stop and the absence of residences and concerts is filled with new perspectives. The technology acquired by us and by our partners in this year of “breaking with the past” allows us to dialogue with Europe without traveling, establishing new connections. The credibility of the enterprise, today, is more recognized than ever and if I look to 2021 I almost feel dizzy. We are ready.

– Francesca Moncada di Paternò, Amministratore unico de Le Dimore del Quartetto