How Le Dimore del Quartetto adapts to the upcoming situation

The activity of Le Dimore del Quartetto has always been based on an exchange of resources, which circularly benefits those who join our network. Now more than ever, it is important to rethink the dynamics that regulate our economy and bring the group into play: the rhythm and methods of our development must aim towards collaboration, circularity of resources and sharing of benefits.

To pursue purposes of social benefit, Le Dimore del Quartetto focuses on creating a system. Those enterprises belonging to systems with strong integration, capable of enhancing relationships with their neighbor, supplier, customer, with their workplace, with society, are the most suitable to survive today. Making a system means looking in the same direction, with common goals and a new organizational capacity; reasoning according to a network logic, through behaviors different from those activated in solitary dimensions; creating a large number of interactions and a strong collaboration between all the subjects that can contribute to the process of investigation, construction and sharing of knowledge.



Fourismore is a training tool for companies, which proposes the String Quartet as an ideal metaphor for teamwork. The current extraordinary and unforeseen situation requires many companies to adapt and rethink their work method. When the situation is overcome, the challenge will be to face the new international scenario and transform it into an opportunity. Fourismore is proposed in this perspective as a useful tool to reflect and inspire the definition of a future strategy. In fact, within the company, as well as the Quartet, it is necessary to develop a culture of conversation that enhances both expression and listening. Designing and operating through a common “score” where everyone has an indispensable role for the overall success, helps to think in a circular and not vertical way, to enter into a more strategic and less operational logic.

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Conversation-concerts are a social-awareness project that explores the characteristics and the importance of a collaboration through the metaphor of the String Quartet. Music is used as a means and not as an end, a tool through which we intend to spread the Culture of Dialogue as noble principle at the base of a society. Conversation-concerts are musical encounters in schools, universities and more, that allow for a dialogue with young people and adults without the barriers that often arise in concert halls. Through the organisation of workshops, we give the public the possibility to work in a team like a string quartet. Indeed, the quartet is a privileged place of profound experience, where one can be sometimes unique and sometimes multiple, where fusion and personalization are sought. A place of exchange with infinite possibilities that continuously stimulates the group to achieve more ambitious goals.

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Le Dimore del Quartetto constantly works to design and plan future projects that meet the society’s needs by offering innovative solutions to the promotion of the cultural and artistic heritage. For this reason, we operate on multiple fronts: we participate to regional, national and European calls and we collaborate with numerous partners specialised in different fields.

In this tough time, we are not able to enhance the beauty of our network Houses through artistic residencies and concerts of our Ensembles. The value of networking anyhow reveals itself especially in these moments: we have decided to support all the Houses that run agricultural and productive activities by creating newsletters focused on the promotion of their products.

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