Monday October 10th – Monday October 17th, Palazzo Brancadoro, Fermo (FM) 


The timeless art residency experience is extended to painters and sculptors in the period between September and October 2022 thanks to 12 scholarships provided by Fondazione Brivio Sforza.  

The artist Raffaele Minotto, selected by Galleria Rubin, is hosted for a week at Palazzo Brancadoro to produce sketches inspired by the places, spaces and territories that host him. The works will be completed later in atelier and will be displayed in a group exhibition in Milan in the courtyard of Palazzo Brivio Sforza, newly restored.

At the end of the residency, the artist offers two works, one to the owner as a thank you for their hospitality and the other to be auctioned off to create the scholarship fund for future residencies.

Raffaele Minotto was born in Padua in 1969. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts, Painting course, in Venice, where he graduated in 1991.
He combines painting with engraving, devoting himself mainly to the technique of etching and drypoint.
In 1995 he held his first solo exhibition, at the Costume History Center ‘Ieri Attualità’ in Padua, and from this moment he began to exhibit his works continuously. The intense work done in the following years is well documented in ‘Via Euganea,’ an exhibition held in Padua in 2003, curated by Giorgio Segato.
In more recent times, in 2009, Minotto’s painting was selected for ‘Contemplazioni’: an extensive exhibition curated by Alberto Agazzani, which offered in the Castello Sismondo in Rimini an effective perspective on Italian painting. This collaboration resulted in the exhibition and catalog ‘Reflections,’ with an analysis of the works created between 2011 and 2012.
In 2011 he was invited by Vittorio Sgarbi to exhibit as part of the 54th Venice Biennale – Veneto Region Section, and the following year he participated in the exhibition ‘Encounters at the Beginning of the World’ at the Centro Culturale San Gaetano in Padua.
At the end of 2012, the exhibition ‘Reflections’ is also proposed in the Nino Sindoni Gallery (Asiago, VI) and, subsequently, presented in the magazine AREAARTE (no. 14/Summer 2013).
‘Mysterious Waters’ is the project that represents a ‘return to drawing’, also in large format, through the analysis of the theme of bathers, which has long been addressed with other techniques. The collaboration with Stefano Annibaletto, curator of the project, will lead in 2013 to the realization of an exhibition of the same name at the Sala della Gran Guardia in Padua and a catalog documenting and analyzing the proposed theme.
The study of engraving continues alongside his painting activity: in June 2012 ‘Grafica d’arte’ devoted an extensive presentation to his engravings signed by Prof. Paolo Bellini. Recently one of his prints was nominated for the ‘Premio Leonardo Sciascia 2015-16’, and presented in the traveling exhibitions of the Prize in the cities of Palermo, Florence, Fabriano and Milan.
Solo exhibitions in the last two years have been held at Galleria Rubin in Milan where ‘Domus Magna’ an exhibition dedicated to the subject of interiors is presented in 2015, while with ‘Out of Focus’ in 2016, Simon Bart Gallery in Salerno offers viewers a broader view of the subjects addressed by Minotto’s pictorial research.
Finally, also in 2017, TG5 Arts-Impressions on Canvas, a Channel 5 column curated by Guido del Turco and reserved for the art world, presents a selection of Minotto’s works to the general public by dedicating a short interview to him.

Raffaele Minotto, Triangolo di Luce, 2020, oil on board, 150×150

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