Sunday, November 26th, at 6 pm – Triennale, Milan


A dialogue between Quartetto Indaco and VillaBanks in the form of Music Talk. Both are eclectic artists who like to experiment, know and respect each other. An experiment to show the audience that, even if you belong to very distant musical genres, it is possible to create an original and creative exchange capable of generating wealth for artists and fans, crossing knowledge, breaking down barriers and stereotypes, and demonstrating that music has no defined perimeters but that every genre can give emotions.


Quartetto Indaco was founded in 2007 at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, thanks to the impetus of Piero Farulli and Andrea Nannoni, and is today considered among the most interesting Italian string quartets of its generation.

The Quartet is particularly appreciated for its extraordinary communicative ability both by the public and by specialised critics, who have described its performances as ‘an astonishing display of fireworks, so brilliant that the walls of the hall could barely contain it’ (Ttela Newspaper – Sweden).

Since 2017, Quartetto Indaco has been part of the Le Dimore del Quartetto network.

After winning the special prize “Jeunesses Musicales” at the International Competition “Paolo Borciani” in 2014, it was among the finalists of the same competition in 2017 and, also in the same year, it won several prizes, scholarships and important awards worldwide, including, in 2023, the First Prize at the International Chamber Music Competition in Osaka.


VillaBanks is an urban singer who enriches his musical creations with the influence of different genres from global contexts. Born in Italy in 2000 and originally from Milan, VillaBanks has spent part of his life between Milan, Paris, New York, Florence and Palma de Mallorca. He got into rap at the age of 15 and started working on his first mixtapes and singles. Thanks to his international experience, VillaBanks is able to combine different sonic influences in his music, demonstrating a versatility to rap in different languages.

He moves naturally between productions that evoke Latin atmospheres and darker, rawer beats, managing to coherently narrate both the more light-hearted and fun aspects of his life and the more challenging and personal ones.

The artist has collected numerous tracks that have exceeded one million listens, but these represent only a part of his musical identity.

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