MAY 30 2022 | DIAMO IL LA

Monday, May 30th 2022, at 5.30 pm – Sala Conferenze of Palazzo Moriggia, Museo del Risorgimento, Milan

Diamo il La, an association set up in 2015 to bring music listening education to the Preschools of the Municipality of Milan, especially those in the most deprived urban areas, takes stock of its educational activities with a seminar open to teachers, parents and musicians.
In seven years, Diamo il La has reached 23 city schools, involving over 2500 children and about 200 educators. The originality of the project is that sound language, which is more penalised than visual language, is emphasised and made to interact with other expressive languages. The practice of good listening not only helps children to open up to the world of musical sounds but also proves to be a powerful tool for integration between different ethnic groups and cultures, as well as an opportunity for group aggregation.

With the support of pedagogists, didactic trainers and musical atelierists, teachers are thus trained to stimulate active attention on listening in children, to be put into action in everyday school life.
By the side of the association from the beginning are the Education Department of the Milan City Council, the pedagogists of Reggio Children, international pedagogical excellence, and for the past three years the Milan Conservatory, with the invaluable intervention in schools of young musicians, to bring live music, in presence or via streaming.

This complex and fascinating journey will be discussed on Monday 30 May, from 5.30 to 7.30 pm. in the Conference Room of Palazzo Moriggia, at the Museo del Risorgimento in via Borgonuovo 23, focusing on the theme “A dynamic model of music education”.

Speeches by Anna Scavuzzo, deputy mayor and councillor for Education of the Municipality of Milan, Susanna Mantovani, president of the National Commission for the integrated system 0-6, Giuseppina Manin, president of “Diamo il La”, Consuelo Avoledo, Annalisa DonatiMarco Gerosa, “Diamo il La” atelierist trainers. Elena Maccaferri and Filippo Cheli, pedagogist and atelierista “Reggio Children”, Cristina Frosini, director of the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, Rita Cattaneo, head of Educational Unit 21. A round table discussion will follow.

The conference is open to the public with accreditation, required by Friday 27 May, to: