I first met them by chance. A friend of mine was seated next to them during a lunch and, while chatting, she mentioned a project I was working on. It was about an orchestra founded in the city center of Palermo for juvenile social rehabilitation. They immediately asked to get in touch with me because they wanted to know more.

Every time Giancarla and Luciano spotted a chance to invest in a brave project bringing together music and young people, they would combine forces to guarantee a bright future and good results to it. 

That is how our adventure began, from a kitchen worthy of the Four Season Hotel born to prepare meals for the young orchestra, passing through a cello for a young Serbian musician, to the scholarships for the Georg Solti Academy, and finally to the annual donation to Le Dimore del Quartetto.

I have never had the chance to thank them the way I wanted. They were silent patrons, who have never accepted a dedicated concert or a public show of gratitude. They had a flair for Beauty and Good, which they pursue just for the sheer pleasure of doing it. Always attentive to the young and the unfortunate, they have dedicated their lives to the promotion of a Culture accessible to everyone.

With immense gratitude,

Francesca Moncada
Founder of Le Dimore del Quartetto