Le Dimore del Quartetto


Le Dimore del Quartetto’s network is open not only to historic houses, but also to all the houses that have the possibility to host and that belong to dynamic and passionate people.

To take part in our network, you must be able to provide the quartet with 4 beds and a room adequate for rehearsals. In exchange for your valuable hospitality, the musicians will donate a concert (the value of which, usually, is approximately 2,000 euros). The concert may be private, for you and your guests, or open to the public.

For more information, please send an email at info@ledimoredelquartetto.eu


To be a Dimora (House) of Le Dimore del Quartetto means to be part of an international network enhancing the cultural heritage and the best musical talents at the beginning of their career.
By bringing chamber music back to those places for which it was conceived, your House will be covered with new energies and its history will be valued through an innovative and contemporary cultural formula.
Enhancing  the beauty of the territories (even the most remote) the House becomes a cultural reference for the local community.

Lastly, being a Dimora gives you the opportunity to offer special experiences to your friends or customers, and makes your properties and local products known. Indeed, the Products and Lifestyle section on our website aims at promoting the territorial identity of the Houses of our network through their products, activities and unique experiences. The Dimora have the opportunity to increase the visibility of its services and products with a deep level of promotion through an online showcase on Products and Lifestyle with links to the portfolios of all the houses involved, and dedicated newsletters and communication via our social channels, newspapers, and magazines.

Participation fees
For those Houses interested in Product and Lifestyle, it is possible to join our network at the Presto” level (€244 VAT included). By choosing, instead, to become a Supporter House (Largo” level: €610 VAT included), in addition to all the services mentioned above, you will be able to access private concerts in the Houses of our network (in Italy and abroad) and to be mentioned as a “Supporter Houses” on our website.

For those Houses not interested in the “Presto” and “Largo” offers, but nonetheless willing to join Le Dimore del Quartetto, it is possible to participate at the Adagio” level, free of charge. This entry-level entitles the House to have a dedicated page on our site and to host free concerts in exchange for residences for the ensembles.

It is also possible to support our activities with a free donation, not subject to VAT (find out how).

Lastly, Le Dimore del Quartetto offers different additional services reserved for all the Dimore of the network, regardless of the participation fees.

Find out more about the participation feed and services offered

If you are interested in taking part in Le Dimore del Quartetto’s network, send an inquiry with a short description and photos of your house to info@ledimoredelquartetto.eu


Discover how the logistics behind the organisation of the residency works.


  1. you benefit from visibility being on our website with pictures and a description  
  2. you can promote your house, products and activities through Le Dimore del Quartetto channels
  3. you keep alive the soul of your historic house hosting top-level concerts with our organizational support
  4. you become a cultural landmark for your local community and your territory
  5. you become part of an international network of historic houses that share the same passion
  6. you contribute to the promotion of our heritage for future generations
  7. you can offer your spaces for additional activities, upon payment
  8. you can benefit from a wide range of services reserved to Houses of our network

No, residency requests are not binding. Each time we receive a request from our musicians, we check your availability.

There are no set rules regarding meals, it depends on the availability of the host. If you are not able to provide meals, we suggest you to give them access to a kitchen.

The concerts are usually free and open to the public. However on the occasion of the final concert, if previously agreed with Le Dimore del Quartetto’s team, it is possible to raise funds for charity or other causes and/or add a paid activity to the concert (e.g. tasting, lunch/dinner, guided visit,…). 


Yes, you can list your house as a rehearsal space only and still host a concert, or you can offer your space by hosting the quartet in a suitable accommodation facility.