Le Dimore del Quartetto


Le Dimore del Quartetto is a creative cultural enterprise that enhances chamber music and the European cultural heritage, in a circular economy, through the organization of

  • Residencies and concerts in historic houses and other places of cultural interest
  • Festivals aimed at discovering and promoting territories and chamber music
  • Masterclasses and training programs for musicians
  • Educational projects for schools and universities 
  • Social outreach initiatives
  • Training and team-building activities for companies
  • Projects to promote lutherie and craftsmanship
  • Tailor-made proposals for public and private sectors
  • European projects
  • Logistic and organizational support to concert societies and higher education academies

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Born in 2015 from an idea by Francesca Moncada, Le Dimore del Quartetto develops from a simple exchange: on the eve of an artistic engagement, musicians are hosted for free in a historic house for a few days and, in exchange, offer a concert to the owners. This generates opportunities to gather in unusual places and in often decentralized territories, bringing back to life spaces that are not fully exploited and drawing new audiences closer to chamber music.

Le Dimore del Quartetto srl impresa sociale is registered in the RUNTS Third Sector Register since 21/3/2022.


After many years of experience in Communication (McCann Erikson, B&B Communications), since 2003 Francesca Moncada has dedicated herself to the support of educational and cultural nonprofit organizations. In 2016 she founded the social enterprise Le Dimore del Quartetto. of which she is sole director. In 2020 she has actively promoted Comitato AMUR of which she is now president, a network of the major Italian concert societies for the ideation, co-production and virtuous circuitry of artistic projects with the aim of consolidating a national and international activity in synergy with the territory. She is the creator of the international project The String Circle, launched on April 22nd 2022 in collaboration with Museo del Violino in Cremona to promote high quality craftsmanship and the art of violin making, and co-creator of MUSA – European young MUsicians soft Skills Alliance, a European professional training project for young string quartets aimed to provide them with entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and competences that are fundamental for their professional career. Francesca Moncada is also counselor of Europa Nostra, Gioventù Musicale d’Italia, counselor of Associazione Piero Farulli, member of the committee Farulli 100 and counselor of Associazione Diamo il La. 

She was vice president of Società del Quartetto di Milano, vice president of the Foundation for the Cultural and Artistic Activities and Properties of the Church, as well as director of development and communications in Italy of the Georg Solti Academy of Bel Canto (a masterclass in collaboration with the Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice). She has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the Music School Foundation of Fiesole, president of the Association of Friends and counselor of Fondazione Giulio e Giovanna Sacchetti. For the Mission Laique Francaise she was a liaison and director of research in the headquarters of the new French school in Florence, for the development of a new educational approach with a focus on music.

For all these institutions she has tirelessly sought to support the development of projects dedicated to music, young people and culture, connecting resources and needs in a circular economy between the different actors, raising funds and implementing marketing strategies. Francesca Moncada also participated in a training program dedicated to women board members of listed companies, promoted by Valore D (In The Boardroom) and directed by Egon Zehnder and the international law offices of Linklaters. She is also an ambassador alliance member of the Design Foundation for Women and Crafts of Lisbon, an organisation aimed at strengthening and developing women-led artisanal centers, some of which are facing a serious risk of extinction, through the introduction of new design strategies.



“Gramaglia is clearly the star, and his playing is hard to fault – intonation as well as interpretation. Violists will want this one[..]” American Record Guide, July/August 2015

A versatile and intellectually curious musician, Simone Gramaglia combines his passion for music, philosophy and literature with an intense activity as a musician (both in chamber music and as a soloist), as a teacher and as an artistic director (Dimore del Quartetto, MusicwithMasters, Sergio Dragoni Competition) allowing him to constantly promote musical culture and supporting in particular young people. A Founder member of the Quartetto di Cremona, during his career he has performed in the most prestigious concert halls in the world and has collaborated with influential figures on the international music scene. He plays a 1680 Torazzi viola (Kulturfonds Peter Eckes) and was the first Italian violist to play for a long time the viola “Paganini” by Stradivari (Nippon Music Foundation). He writes the column “L’Angolo del Quartetto” (Quartet Corner) for Archi magazine.

Bianca Traxler is a European trotter and a passionate music lover. Animated by cultural exchanges, Bianca is committed towards positive social impact creation. Bianca gathered corporate and social responsibility skills through her experiences at Valore D, in Italy, Schwarzkopf Professional in Germany, and MANGO-Punto Fa, in Spain, where she coordinated and developed social initiatives around the world. Bianca has studied piano and chamber music over 10 Years in France and Italy. She had previously collaborated with Le Dimore del Quartetto in 2021 on the installation of the first statue dedicated to Cristina Trivulzio di Belgioioso.
She holds a degree in Management from ESCP Europe and a Master’s in Sustainable Business & Innovation from EADA Business School.
She joined Le Dimore del Quartetto’s team in January 2023.




Maddalena graduated in Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts in 2016 and obtained a Master in Performing Arts Management at Accademia Teatro alla Scala in 2018. She deepened her studies thanks to two internships in opera houses between Milan and New York. Back in Milan, she started working in local organizations related to music and performing arts fields. Being passionate about music and theater and naturally curious when it comes to discovering new places and making new experiences, for Maddalena joining the team of Le Dimore del Quartetto is a valuable opportunity to foster her passions and curiosity and at the same time to share them by working to make them accessible to a broader audience.


In 2016 Eugenia graduated in Economics & Management in Arts Culture and Communication at Bocconi University in Milan; having decided to pursue her studies to deepen her knowledge in the economic-cultural field in the same university, in 2018 she graduated in Economics & Management in Arts Culture Media and Entertainment.
Passionate about dance and art since a young age, she started to work in organizations related to these fields between Turin and Milan. Joining Le Dimore del Quartetto’s the team, she hopes to support the realization of projects enhancing the youth, that will bring an ever-growing audience to discover the Historic Houses and their beauties.


Naomi Pedri Stocco joins Le Dimore del Quartetto in 2019 as project coordinator in charge of Historic Houses and Heritage department, after different work experiences in the cultural field both in Italy and abroad. She has worked as teaching assistant and researcher at Bocconi University in Milan, involved in research projects led by ASK Centre for Research on Management and Economics of Arts and Culture Institutions.
In October 2021 she starts a PhD in urban and regional planning and public policy at Università Iuav di Venezia. Currently at Le Dimore del Quartetto co-manages the European project MERITA Where chamber music, cultural heritage and talent meet.
She graduated with honour at Bocconi University in Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment. She practiced for 10 years contemporary dance.


Determined and curious, she has always been interested in foreign languages and cultures.
After a language education and obtaining a double diploma in French, she continued her studies and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Languages at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. Upon graduation, she seized the opportunity to join Le Dimore del Quartetto’s team. This reality allows her to cultivate and connect with some of her greatest passions, art, architecture, language and digital communication, which have always fascinated and fueled her curiosity. Through her activity she hopes to succeed in attracting young people to the world of art and culture, enabling them to learn about all the beauty it holds. 


Mario Daniele graduated with honours in Economics and Business Law from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He subsequently obtained a PhD in Management and Innovation (cycle XXXIV) from the same university.
He is currently a research fellow at the Faculty of Economics (research topic: The quality of SME accounting information) and an adjunct lecturer in Business Economics.
He is qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Auditor.
His research focuses mainly on the area of accounting (main research interests: accounting reporting of SMEs; national and international accounting standards; predictive systems for business crises).


Simone Mazzucconi, who studied to become a Cultural Anthropologist, approaches the alien world of information technology out of intellectual curiosity in the mid-1980s. Since that day, he has been wrapped in a cloud of buzzing bytes and never came out. He worked for 10 years in a Florentine software house specializing in cutting-edge projects in the field of cultural heritage and for which he created interactive multimedia applications and hypertexts. He saw the web phenomenon arise from those offices close to him and immediately understood the liberating aspect of working on the Net, without being tied to a place. In fact, in 1999, the millennium, but also personal, turning point, he embarked on the career of freelance professional with his own web services agency, offering his services remotely (he lived for many years in France) to companies, cultural institutions, small and large clients, and as a trainer, to schools and universities.

University education in political science and specialization in territorial and wine marketing, a life around the world discovering products and artisans of excellence. Consultant to regional institutions and consortia of producers, for the promotion and enhancement of territories. In addition to freelancing, he has alternated between working with the Ministry of Culture, as coordinator of museum events, most recently at the Lombardy Regional Museums Directorate. His vocation is to create synergies between institutions and personalities in culture, art, music and business.