Italian mansions and landscape as a source of inspiration to bring back into the contemporary the journey of beauty’s discovery


The collaboration with Galleria Rubin and Fondazione Brivio Sforza on the occasion of the Cristina Trivulzio di Belgiojoso ‘s statue installation, continues through a new activity aimed at supporting young contemporary figurative artists and enhancing Italian heritage.

The timeless art residency experience is extended to painters and sculptors in the period between September and October 2022 thanks to 13 scholarships provided by Fondazione Brivio Sforza

The artists, selected by Galleria Rubin, are hosted for a week in the chosen Italian houses to produce sketches inspired by the places, spaces and territories that host them. The works will be completed later in the ateliers and will be displayed in a group exhibition in Milan in the courtyard of Palazzo Brivio Sforza, newly restored.

At the end of the residency, the artists offer two works, one to the owner as a thank you for their hospitality and the other to be auctioned off to create the scholarship fund for future residencies.

SEPTEMBER 3 – 11 | Mattia Savini at Casa Arcasio, Cassine (AL)

“Entering through an iron gate, I enter a large green garden enclosed by a high wall. Inside are many plants, fruit trees, roses, hydrangeas, and much more, all describing the years spent in a setting familiar to them. There, with those plants, I had the vivid perception of knowing other inhabitants of the dwelling at that time, so I decided to portray them. The realization technique, engraving on white marble, describes us with the help of the light filtered and reflected by the marble, two of the roses in the garden, hence the title of the work ‘PORTRAIT'”.

SEPTEMBER 5 – 11 | Mauro Baio at Casa Lajolo, Piossasco (TO)


“Villa Lajolo is a masterpiece perfectly preserved by people who love nature and culture. The experience of experiencing the ‘whole park surrounded by plants and vegetable gardens with irrigation systems dating back to times now forgotten is something surreal against any modern timeline. The creative process was challenging due to the fact that it was not a given to recreate the aesthetic model studied in recent years and adapt it to a commission”.

Instagram Mauro Baio 

SEPTEMBER 12 – 18 | Chiara Dattola and Marta Jorio at Villa Albertini, Gressoney St. Jean (AO)


“I have had visions of staggered proportions between inside and outside, large and small, movement and stillness, piano sounds and music, chattering and silences. With my works, I would like to give credit to these contrasts and give credit to Villa Albertini, which is its beating center, like a heart”.

“My experience in Gressoney is villa Albertini: it is the smell of wood and textiles, it is the patterns of the antique wallpapers, it is the quilts on the high beds, the creaking wooden floors, the pastel-hued sofas, the photographs of vanished characters, the corners of the house that gave chills as I passed by or the feeling that that house, those places, had been inhabited with all the fullness of life when it is full of relationships, of music in the rooms, of books, of beds to accommodate family and family friends, of lunches and drinks”.

Instagram Chiara Dattola

Instagram Marta Jorio

SEPTEMBER 21- 28 | Nicola Piscopo at Castello di Montoro, Terni

  “The painter in me found his sense of settling in what was a key destination on the Grand Tour for so many artists between the 18th and 20th centuries. Thus I felt the responsibility to trace my own passage in the history of Painting, using the Narni Bridge as a pretext for my own linguistic expression cast in contemporary times, just as my predecessors did”.

Instagram Nicola Piscopo

SEPTEMBER 25 – 27 | Vanni Cuoghi at Villa Dosi Delfini, Pontremoli (MS)


“No place could have been more congenial to me for a residence than the Villa Dosi-Delfini in Pontremoli (MS). The place is enchanting, the villa nestled on a hill, just outside the historic center, embodies all the spirit of Italian Baroque being surrounded by a splendid garden that slopes up the slope in terraces. The interior crowns a large hall and all the rooms on the piano nobile are frescoed with Baroque trompe l’oeil quadratures, giving the space a majesty worthy of the most important Italian aristocratic palaces”.

Instagram Vanni Cuoghi

SEPTEMBER 26 – 30 | Cecilia Sammarco at Casale Sant’Eusebio, Rome


“To represent the plurality of epochs, views, phases, pre-existences, an analytical approach of collecting elements from the various “layers” (nature, city, farmhouse, owner’s life) was outlined, until the construction of an abacus of synthetic forms that become symbols. A reading that goes “From the city to the spoon,” from urban planning to the owner’s collection, from ‘Italy to the family, with a gaze that gets closer and closer. It starts with observation from the window and comes to direct experience of interior spaces and objects”.

Instagram Cecilia Sammarco

OCTOBER 3 – 9 | Jacopo Ginanneschi at Villa Allen, Moltrasio (CO)

   “Villa Allen in Moltrasio, antique, with historic furnishings, large windows through which sunlight reflected off the Lake Como it overlooks, struck me as one of the least conspicuous and most intimate rooms, which the gracious hosts barely pointed out to me as noteworthy. It is a small study just inside on the left, a fairly dark space where, while prints and old books make a fine display, more commonplace objects bring the mind back to everyday activities and occupations. In particular on the beautiful center table a ceramic tray holds a letter, a bill, and the red glasses left there by the last person who read them. The presence of these objects seemed crucial to interpreting a space that is not a museum but is fully lived in by the owners’ family. After generations, the two armchairs continue to refresh their weariness, the table is the place where they do the household calculations or do a crossword puzzle. These, it seemed to me, were the necessary ingredients for an intimate and silent painting, where I would strain my eyes to take in all the variations in the tones of the penumbrae and seek out that fine dust that envelops objects, in whose representation Chardin and Cézanne were the unmatched masters”.

Instagram Jacopo Ginanneschi

OCTOBER 10 – 14 | Andrej Mussa at Mulino di Rovezzano, Florence


“Around the Rovezzano Mill I sniffed the truth in accordance with the natural light of the reason of things. My pictorial work is structured on remembrance, memory, a short geographical period that tends to erase itself. The feeling of distance that separates from a possible simple world. It is the rationalism of remembrance that invests these canvases of mine: history, geography and everyday life, fade into the landscape of memory, a place where nothing is recognizable, a place where the forms of our experience become pastel-colored outlines, where anyone can recognize themselves in the brief time of memory.”.

Instagram Andrej Mussa

OCTOBER 10 – 17 | Raffaele Minotto at Palazzo BrancadoroFermo (FM)


“If this place has remained so vital, and has not been relegated to a house museum, but rather smells of everyday life and tells of its owners, it is precisely because music always resounds in its rooms: and here, people meet, listen and make music. Life and music mingle. For a few days I too was privileged to have been part of that group, part of those places. Therefore, the works I have dedicated to these rooms, tell of my momentary, but pleasant, belonging, and of the most representative moments: a ‘banquet,’ which tells of an evening spent all together, and an interior, a living room, which tells of recollection in solitude”.

Instagram Raffaele Minotto

OCTOBER 20 – 24 | Paolo Amico at Mandranova, Palma di Montechiaro (AG)


“Therefore, I tried to identify myself in the guise of a traveler, looked at Sicily with new eyes, scrutinized as much as possible the landscapes and the “dwelling” that gave me hospitality to draw inspiration. Like many travelers, I portrayed myself within the scenes, resulting in the two works “Persistence” and “Memory.” We find many elements that refer to the present and the past, they have many valences, especially they are a shout I give to my land asking it not to stop fighting and persist in keeping its beauty and memory intact”.

Instagram Paolo Amico

OCTOBER 20 – 24 | Paola Margherita at Masseria Spina, Monopoli (BA)

  “I could call my stay at Masseria Spina a small temporal plunge. Here human history is closely intertwined with natural history. Coexisting in the same site are forms of anthropization distant from each other in time. A true stratification that originates in the subsoil near the lama (ancient watercourse) that flanks the Masseria. Subterranean Neolithic hypogea form the foundation for later eras and coexist with them. In depicting this place and grasping its deep meaning first, I wanted to focus on the indissoluble relationship between the living and regenerating plant part of the olive and orange groves, a silent cyclical presence, and the historical traces of human architecture. The choice to draw with colored pencils is dictated by the need to return the temperature of the perception of these places”.

Website Paola Margherita 

OCTOBER 24 – 30 | Tommaso Ottieri at Relais Monastero Santa Teresa , Nardò (LE)


“I wandered the streets of the ancient town, made small, short studies that I then processed in the temporary studio I had set up. I also visited the seaside village, at a time when it was emptied by the usual crowding of vacationers. I drew from it some works that I consider very significant for my artistic research, for the colors used and the angles chosen. The materials of which Nardò is built, the more rarefied lights and a certain sobriety of the urban fabric led me to the elaboration of more serene, less congested projects than those I am used to. I derived some important indications about the working method, immediately transferring the sketches and photographic cues into a completed draft of the work, and, not least, I imposed on myself a different discipline, a new rule for a new working space. I completed the work in the studio, in Naples, and much I still retain to develop and bring into a completed form”.

Instagram Tommaso Ottieri


JULY 19-31, 2022 | Jacopo Ginanneschi at Casa Lajolo, Piossasco (TO)
Form July 19th to July 31st the artist Jacopo Ginanneschi will be hosted by Fondazione Casa Lajolo. The artist during the residency will make a series of  watercolors inspired to the House, the landscape and the territory of Pinerolo. Once back in the atelier, he used this studies to realize two oil paintings, one of them has been donated to the owners of Casa Lajolo.

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