A NEW EUROPEAN CULTURAL NETWORK | Centre Européen de Musique

Network of the Houses and Museums of European Musicians

Le Dimore del Quartetto, together with about thirty other members, including houses, museums and institutions, officially joined the Network of the Houses and Museums of European Musicians (HMMM), promoted by the Centre Européen de Musique.
On Sunday, April 3rd 2022 the city of Bougival became the pan-European capital of music. Indeed, the town where Pauline and Louis Viardot, Georges Bizet and Ivan Tourgueniev lived, is the location choosen for the signing of the Agreement of the Houses and Museums of European Musicians.

“The Europe of Musicians exists because music has shaped Europe! It is a question of highlighting a feeling of belonging to the European soil, a feeling that has been carried by great musicians for centuries. With this network, we want to broaden European and extra-European connections. Music must play this role as a connector, but also a diplomatic role, as a bridge between cultures and a dialogue between disciplines”

Jorge Chaminé, president and founder of the Centre Européen de Musique


Beethoven Haus. Bonn, Germany
Wiener Beethoven Gesellschaft. Vienna, Austria
Beethoven Haus. Baden, Austria. Bellini House and Museum. Catania, Italy
Bizet House. Bougival, France
Brahms House. Baden-Baden, Germany
Pablo Casals Foundation. Tarragona, Spain
Chopin Institute. Warsaw, Poland
Chopin House and Museum. Warsaw, Poland
Le Dimore del Quartetto. Milan, Italy
Henri Dutilleux-Geneviève Joy House. CandesB-SaintMartin, France
Georges Enescu House and Museum. Bucharest, Romania
Manuel de Falla Foundation and Archives. Granada, Spain
Manuel de Falla House and Museum. Granada, Spain
António Fragoso House. Pocarica, Portugal
Kodaly Museum. Budapest, Hungary
Francisco de Lacerda House. Ribeira Seca Calheta, Portugal
Franz Liszt Academy and Museum. Budapest, Hungary
Victoria de Los Ángeles Foundation. Barcelona, Spain
Mendelssohn House. Leipzig, Germany
Menotti House and foundation Monini. Spoleto, Italy
Stevan Mokranjac House. Belgrade, Serbia
Jesús de Monasterio House. Potes, Spain
Moreira de Sá e Costa House. Porto, Portugal
European Mozart Ways. Salzburg, Austria
Joaquín Rodrigo Foundation. Madrid, Spain
Amália Rodrigues House and Museum. Lisbon, Portugal
Sibelius Museum. Turku, Finland
Sibelius House (Ainola). Järvenpää, Finland
Nydahl Collection. Stockholm, Sweden
Ivan-Tourgueniev Datcha and Museum. Bougival, France
Villa Pauline et Louis Viardot. Bougival, France
World Human Forum. Athens, Greece
Centre Européen de Musique. Bougival, France

Acción Cultural Española. Madrid, Spain
City of Lisbon, Portugal
City of Granada, Spain
City of Catania, Italy
Government of Cantabria (Gobierno de Cantabria), Spain
City of Turku, Finlande
Europa Nostra, The Hague, Netherland
Hispania Nostra, Madrid, Spain
National Sound Archives, Mafra, Portugal
San Cassiano Theatre, Venezia, Italy
Terra Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal