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Guta is a curator and a strategic designer. She co-founded the cultural non-profit association experimentadesign, in Lisbon in 1998, of which is Chair since 2000. From 1999 until 2017 she dedicated herself to the Lisbon biennale, experimentadesign, being co-author and Director. Actively engaged in the international design community as a curator, creative director, strategist and critical thinker since the early 90’s, GMG has integrated several high-profile international committees and juris.

The music that accompanies us for generations

"[...] On my first Christmas, when my grandfather was still alive, I would immerse myself in a magical ritual alongside my family. We always arrived early in Mafra, the historic village where D. João V had the Palace and Convent built, and in the early afternoon, at our grandparents house, we would listen to our grandfather rehearsing on the piano. These were songs that he would later play on the carillon that same evening for the whole village. As he told us every Christmas, “when we rehearse at home on the piano and we make a mistake, only grandmother Estela and you little ones notice; when we play a carillon, within a radius of 20 km everyone listens - and then our mistakes, as well as our virtues, have an impact on many people [...]"

Guta Moura Guedes
dimore quartetto Vito Planeta
Guta's editorial on her musical Christmas still has many curiosities in store


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Donate the music of the most outstanding young ensembles for an unforgettable experience
Le Dimore del Quartetto’s team is at your disposal for organizing the concert wherever and to whomever you want: a unique opportunity to experience live chamber music and feel a particular closeness with the young musicians.

An extraordinary gift
which can be arranged where you prefer, in the living room at home, in a company, but also in a hospital or a school. The chamber ensembles are agile by nature, they are able to create, with simplicity, an unforgettable and convivial atmosphere.
Le Dimore del Quartetto will take care of everything, from the preparation
of the gift card for the recipient, to the conclusion of the event.
We will be by your side to guarantee a high-quality concert.


dimore quartetto Villa Garzoni (2) (1)
At the Collodi Pinocchio Park a sweet Christmas awaits children and adults. Get a taste of what it is all about and remember The Adventures of Pinocchio, in the place where, Carlo Lorenzini, the author of the book, lived his childhood years.
dimore_quartetto Villa Garzoni
From December 4th, at the Park of Pinocchio, in Collodi (PT), on the initiative of the National Foundation Carlo Collodi, there is a 230 kg Guinness Book of Records chocolate whale!
In the piece are also represented Pinocchio and Geppetto and on the sea of chocolate is recreated the trash that pollutes our waters.
The work is edible in all of its parts and it will be displayed, to raise awareness on the protection of the marine environment, on opening days of the park: from December 4th to December 12th, December 18th and 19th and from December 24th to January 6th, when, thanks to the presence of the chocolatier Massimiliano Rosamilia, it will be donated piece by piece to the visitors.
The distribution will also continue on January 7th-8th-9th 2022, if it doesn’t end sooner.
The piece was ideated by the Maître Chocolatier Antonio de Le Rose and it was assembled at the Aquarium of Genoa, in the area of the cetacean pool and then transferred to Collodi.

At Christmas time there are also games and animations and children can visit the House of the Elves and write to Santa Klaus and then to the Befana their letters, to be sealed with sealing wax.
dimore_quartetto villa garzoni_2 (1)
To learn more on the activities and the visits of the Park of Pinocchio


dimore quartetto orto botanico 7
The Christmas Tree is a constant presence during the festivities, but why limit yourselves to that? This Christmas, discover many different species and plant varieties at the Botanical Garden of Palermo.
The Botanical Garden of the Università di Palermo is one of the most important Italian academic institutions. Considered a huge open-air museum, it boasts over 200 years of activity that allowed it to study and spread, in Sicily, Europe, and in all the Mediterrean Basin, numerous vegetal species, a lot of which from the tropical and sub-tropical regions. The peculiarity of this Garden is rapresented today by the large variety of species housed, which makes it a place rich of expressions of different flores.
Gift the visit to a school: the Botanical Garden offers the possibility to make a gift to the citizenry and donate the tour of this huge open-air museum to a class. A marvelous opportunity to educate the young people to respect and love nature.
An year among colours and nature: gift the card to live the Botanical Garden of Palermo all year long.
A true and real passepartout for the Friends of the Botanical Garden. A social, smart and joyful card, starting form the design and the cover which indelibly recall a flower garden.
orto botanico dimore quartetto
Discover all the initiatives of the Palermo's Botanical Garden


dimore quartetto borgo sant'ambrogio 4 (1)
Gift (yourself) a stay in an estate that over the decades has cultivated a deep sense of hospitality, coupled with a profound respect for nature and its wealth.
Borgo Sant’Ambrogio is a beautiful historic estate surrounded by miles of unspoilt natural landscapes. The property lies in the heart of Tuscany, in a privileged location rich in culture, natural beauty and excellent food and wine between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana. For this reason during the Christmas festivities, it is an excellent starting point to discover traditions such as the Game of Panforte, a characteristic form of folkloric entertainment to which you can assist in Pienza, between Christmas and New Year's Day. Or the fire fest of Abbadia San Salvatore, during which every Christmas Eve, the atmosphere warms up thanks to the large torches lit throughout the village.

Borgo Sant'Ambrogio at Christmas time reserves a 5% discount on accomodation for Le Dimore del Quartetto’s Friends.

dimore_quartetto Borgo Sant'Ambrogio 1
dimore_quartetto Borgo Sant'Ambrogio
dimore_quartetto Borgo Sant'Ambrogio (2)
For more information on Borgo Sant'Ambrogio



dimore_quartetto villa felice (cassine) (4)
"Walking tourism allows a much deeper recognition of the landscape and has therapeutic properties given by the beauty of the places where the harmony of the morphological profiles goes along with men's work who for thousands of years, have been loving and farming the land"
In 1992, Renata Cellerino moved from Alessandria to Cassine, in the beautiful hills of Alto Monferrato, today UNESCO heritage. The strong agrarian tradition, together with a deep commitment to land inherited from parents and grandparents, has lead Renata to devote herself with much dedication and fulfillment to the management of the farm, which today consists of about fifty hectares of vineyards.
dimore_quartetto villa felice (cassine)
The wines of Villa Felice have particular names: Foglio 29, Foglio 16 and Foglio 10 (Foglio means paper sheet in Italian). The first one to recive that name is the Brachetto Passito – Foglio 29, created to avoid wasting Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG vineyard surpluses (on which are imposed limitation on the sale to third parties). Foglio 29 is none other than the sheet of the Cadastral Map of that vineyard – This is how their entire wine line was born, from the Foglio 29 of the Cadastral Map.
If you would prefer to gift an experience, Villa Felice winery, with its “DeWines tours”, opens its vineyards to those who love to walk among the beauties of the hills.
Visitors will be welcomed in the farm and escorted during the entire itinerary by a tour guide who will share insights about the places and the wine culture. At the end, there will be a tasting of the products of the winery.
Discover more on the wines and on the guided tours of Villa Felice



dimore_quartetto Semerari (2) (1)
Ottavia Semerari, historical collaborator and friend of Le Dimore del Quartetto tells us about her family's olive oil: a delicate oil, which pairs perfectly with raw fish and vegetables. However, she confesses, she grew up with simple oil on bread.
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"In the peace of the Sabini hills, between the medieval village of Castel San Pietro (RI) and the Roman villa called "dei Casoni" or "di Varrone", we produce Biologic Extravirgin Olive Oil from carboncella and leccino olive trees.
The olive production and cure of the land and landscape is a passion that we have cultivated for three generations and that we pass on from father to son thanks to this small company.
The weeks of the harvest in mid-October are a party, an occasion for all the family, now scattered around the world, to reunite, leaving aside for some time the intellectual works to make room for the fatigue of the fields and enjoy together the first bruschette!"
An excellent olive oil to season the recipes of the holidays and those of everyday life, as well as an always appreciated gift.
Are you interested in the Semerari's oil? Write to Ottavia to receive more information:


This Christmas, gift a coking class at Casa dell’Abate Naldi: the magic of preparing together with Lorenza the recepies of the Tuscan tradition, and having lunch in the old kitchen by the large fireplace or in the outdoor courtyard in fine weather.
Choose the experience best suited for your loved ones:
dimore quartetto casa abate naldi corso cucina copia
duration 4 hours - Private and personalized lesson

The menu is prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients and always includes a type of fresh pasta (pici, tagliatelle, ravioli, gnocchi, lasagne). During the course, you will learn the techniques used, what can be done in advance and how to interpret what is written in the recipes with the help of all your senses: touch, sight and smell.
duration 2 hours

Do you want to learn how to make the famous Tuscan pici pasta? Or do you prefer ravioli? Lorenza will prepare with you a kind of fresh pasta of your choice which will then be served with a glass of Orcia DOC. And finally... of course, Cantucci and Vinsanto!
Come with your children: the experience is the experience is suitable for children from 6 years.
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Participants are given a copy of the recipes prepared, an apron and anything else needed. In addition, for Le Dimore del Quartetto's Friends there will be time for a tour of the House and a coffee in the garden.

If you would like to gift it to someone or to yourself a special experience during your next trip in Val d'Orcia remember to book. Those who will reserve their spot by the end of the year, will be gifted a bottle of Orcia Sangiovese.

Lorenza awaits you!


It is available the 2022 calendar of ARCHI magazine, designed in collaboration with Le Dimore del Quartetto.
Among the main characters, portraited in some of the most beautiful residences in Europe, you will find Quartetto Indaco, Belinfante Quartet, Quartetto di Cremona, Antarja Quartet, Quartetto Guadagnini, Atma Quartet, Quartetto Eos, Dudok Quartet, Furiant Quartet and Quartetto Henao.

The calendar will be attached to the January - February 2022 issue and offered in homage to all those who will subscribe to ARCHI magazine by the end of the year.

Spend a year in the company of the wonderful photos
of the Historic Houses and ensembles of our network.
If you want to check out all the proposals, go to the dedicated page on our website
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Happy Holidays from Le Dimore del Quartetto's Team!