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"Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future."

Albert Camus (1913-1960)

Here we are again, forced to suspend our concert activities another time in compliance with the decisions taken by the institutions for public health protection.
But Le Dimore del Quartetto does not stop: it is necessary to use new points of view and transform restrictions into creative exercises capable of indicating new, different and innovative design paths.

Our new projects are aimed primarily at supporting the work of young musicians, severely tested by the absence of concerts, and at enhancing the artistic heritage and the territory.


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MUSA – European young MUsicians soft Skills Alliance is one of the winning projects of the Erasmus+ 2020 Call, approved as Strategic Partnership to support innovation (Key Action 2).
MUSA has as its general objective the development of key skills, and in particular the attitude to entrepreneurship, for young musicians in order to support their professional experience and working career. It is in fact aimed at young professional string quartets composed of musicians between 20 and 35 years old in order to provide them with a series of entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and competences, which – although fundamental to their professional career – are almost completely absent from their general curriculum.
The partnership is made up of Le Dimore del Quartetto as project leader and
IED – Istituto Europeo di Design of Milan (Italy)
ASK Research Center – Laboratory of economics and management of institutions and artistic and cultural initiatives of the L. Bocconi University of Milan (Italy)
ProQuartet – Centre européen de musique de chambre of Paris (France)
La Ferme de Villefavard en Limousin of Villefavard (France)
Experimenta of Lisbon (Portugal)


The “Kick-off”, that sees all the partners involved, has the aim of presenting in detail the MUSA project in terms of work plans, timetables, economic, financial and accounting rules. Given the further contagion containment measures, the Kick-off will be carried out online through interactive digital platforms.

Event open to the project partners
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Are you curious to know what the Musa project is about and how it will take place? Keep up to date with our newsletter and visiting the dedicated page!


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We have decided to support all the Houses that manage agricultural and production activities, making our communication channels and the creativity of the Le Dimore del Quartetto's team available to tell their story. Starting with the next Historic Houses don't stop newsletter dedicated to Christmas, Maria Renata Leto - trendsetter, socialite and cosmopolitan expert in good living - will guide us through the discovery of the simple and extraordinary beauty of places and products of the land.
With the Christmas Newsletter, the Italian journey in the Dimore del Quartetto continues!



EHH Webinar
Le Dimore del Quartetto have been invited to talk about their successful experience regarding projects funded by the European Union during a Webinar organized by European Historic Houses.
Among the remarkable speakers, Alice Bovone – project coordinator of Le Dimore del Quartetto and project manager of MUSA – European young MUsicians soft Skills Alliance – will present this last project, winner of the Erasmus+ 2020 Call.

The European Historic Houses aisbl is an umbrella association covering 24 national associations of privately-owned historic houses. Our main office is in Brussels, Belgium, within the EU quarter in order to raise awareness and advocate at a European level about private cultural heritage. The organisation defends the preservation, conservation and transmission of heritage houses and represents 50 000 of them throughout Europe.

Online event, click down here to register and participate



Miriam Rigamonti, piano
Mariella Rigamonti, violin
Emanuele Rigamonti, cello
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The Castle is one of the four national monuments of Saliceto. The origin is very ancient; on the ground floor there is a Romanesque hall with a large fireplace and a Gothic hall with high cross vaults, with a double Renaissance loggia in the center.
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Simone Anelli, piano
Chiara Borghese, violin
Gioele Pes, cello
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MUMU Musica al Museo (Music at the Museum) is a unique and immersive experiencial path that brings together the beauty of the most extraordinay Italian art masterpieces, with the listening of live music, in a priviledged situation.

Le Dimore del Quartetto collaborated with Società del Quartetto di Milano for the pilot project: one preview concert of the project in July 2020 and four special openings of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in September and October 2020, with concerts in front of the Preparatory Cartoon of the School of Athens by Raphael. The tour around the halls of the Ambrosiana focused on the Adoration of the Magi by Tiziano Vecellio, The Madonna of the Pavilion by Sandro Botticelli, The Madonna Enthroned with Saint Ambrose and Saint Michael by Bramantino, The Rest on the flight into Egypt by Jacopo da Ponte. The itinerary continued with the analysis of the Vase of Flowers with Jewel, Coins and Shells by Jan Brueghel the Elder, and will end with Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Portrait of a Musician and the Codex Atlanticus.
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MUMU is a format that can be replicated nationally and internationally to support museum and concert activities.
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"[...] The shock of Covid can become a stimulus to reinvent oneself with imagination and creativity. "Both by triggering synergies with other institutions, for example the Bicocca University, and by setting up parallel programs in unconventional spaces, suburbs, prisons, hospitals. But also places of beauty. It will happen for MuMu, Musica al Museo, a project developed by Le Dimore del Quartetto with the Biblioteca Ambrosiana."

GIUSEPPINA MANIN, Il Corriere della Sera, September 8th 2020
"Music and Art. It is the combination born thanks to an initiative that stages young concert performers who play in historic houses in exchange for hospitality. A virtuous example of circular economy and an extraordinary opportunity to make known hidden “great beauties”. There is a room, the Raphael's cartoon of the School of Athens that stands hieratic, and people will sit there and wait in silence for only one thing: for the concert to begin."

ROSSANA CAMPISI, ELLE, September 17th 2020
"The 156th concert season of the Società del Quartetto di Milano will be inaugurated on Tuesday October 6th at the Sala Verdi of the Conservatory (8 pm) with a special event: "Il canto della rinascita" (The song of rebirth), a new commission entrusted to nine important Italian composers, nine unpublished hymns to life to celebrate the restart of Milan and Italy. […] Finally, on September 23rd, ribbon cutting for MUMU - Musica al Museo, the new project that sees Società del Quartetto di Milano, Le Dimore del Quartetto and the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana as protagonists."

La Repubblica, September 19th 2020
"The other evening was a success, my members were enthusiastic: the visit was great, the concert was great, the tour guides were absolutely up to par. One group was lucky enough to be accompanied by Don Rocca who enchanted everyone for preparation, general culture and very detailed knowledge of the Pinacoteca."

LUCA MAZZUCCHI, Rotary Club, September 28th 2020
"I thank you for the wonderful initiative, which in this difficult context has had an even deeper meaning."

MONSIGNOR ALBERTO ROCCA, Director of the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, October 21st 2020


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Thanks to your donation you feed a virtuous cycle involving young musicians and the European cultural heritage.

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